A discussion about three major autoimmune diets.

I’m excited to share a podcast that I was invited to participant in to represent the Wahls Protocol and my experience utilizing it. Podcast: https://dinosaursdonkeysandms.com/2018/03/13/dizzycast-ep-3-a-dietary-dizzy/

The podcast introduces the diets for MS (really all autoimmune illnesses will benefit from these diets). They are The Wahls Protocol, Dr. Swank’s and Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis (OMS). The podcast was conducted by Heather of “Dinosaurs, Donkeys and MS” Blog. Heather is from England, has MS and follows the OMS diet. Her blog has been voted one of the best 50 MS blogs worldwide. My interview is first, followed by interviews with Jen, Robert, and Heather on their experiences with Swank and OMS (the latter being a variation that has roots in the Swank diet). All in all, I think it was an excellent introduction to these three methods. I appreciate Heather’s inclusion of the Wahls Protocol, even though she follows OMS. I was thrilled to take part in it. I believe it is important to offer information on all these methods and the Autoimmune Wellness’ method (AIP). No one during this interview touched on AIP, but it is equally as good as the others, in the vein of Dr. Wahls. I did talk about Dr. Ashton Embry’s work being the roots of Dr. Wahls’ Protocol. And, important to remember is that all of these diets owe their beginnings to Dr. Swank, who realized a connection between MS and diet in the 1950’s.

Because I believe that there is more than one way to skin a cat, I have looked into each of these till I found the one that suited me best, which for me was the Wahls Protocol, others may fare better on Dr. Swanks, OMS, MS hope’s, or AIP. I heartily encourage anyone considering pursuing one of these, to look at them all, which is why I have links to each on my page research, websites and books   You’ll find that there are similarities between all these, feel free to research each with an open mind. I hope that you’ll take the time to listen and pass it on. If you care too, I’d love to hear what you thought.


Bonne Sante

New Research Paper!

I am about posting research from wherever it comes, as long as it is reputable. This research comes from an autoimmune diet approach called AIP or Autoimmune Protocol. The protocol, otherwise known as “The Paleo Approach” has been developed and refined by Dr. Sarah Ballantyne. Autoimmune Wellness is a website that teaches this Protocol. The founders of that website are Mickey Trescott, NTP and Angie Alt, CHC. AIP uses an approach that removes anything, good or bad, that could cause a reaction, allergy or inflammation for one year. Then begins to slowly reintroduce some of the restricted items to see what you may be okay with and which may cause a reaction. Because we are all so unique. For example, I follow the Wahls Protocol. She can’t have eggs, but, I can. They don’t bother me, Dr. Wahls is highly allergic to them and so they are forbidden, but she does say, test them, if you react don’t have them. I do restrict myself to no more than two a week. Now, AIP’s exciting research paper! This was the AIP diet tested on 15 people afflicted with Crohns Disease and Ulcerative Colitus (both are autoimmune illnesses).

To read about this exciting news click here, within the article is a link to the actual published paper:


When deciding on which approach I wanted to follow, I looked into Matt Embry’s approach, researched by his father over 20 years ago. They are based in Calgary, AB. It is simple and lets you be your own guide. I on the other hand am addictive by nature and need a more structured approach. I was introduced to Dr. Wahls because of Direct-MS, Matt’s father, Dr. Ashton Embry’s website. Dr. Wahls began her research in 2007 starting with Dr. Embry’s research. Dr. Wahls developed the protocol she follows starting there and building up an intense program for health. I chose to follow Dr. Wahls Protocol for two reasons, I need detailed structure and I wanted to eventually get to Level III, which is a nutritional Ketosis diet. The healing that happens with that makes sense to me. Make no mistake though, all these diets heal. The above diets are Paleo based diets with high saturated fats.

I then learned of Professor George Jelinek, MD’s program called Overcoming MS (OMS) from Matt’s Facebook page. OMS is based in Australia and like the other diets has a world wide following. Diagnosed with MS in 1999, his research is largely based on Dr. Swank’s theory. Dr. Jelinek’s program is Vegetarian using low saturated fats. I joined Dr. Jelinek’s website and read his books. He has two, Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis and a cookbook. Dr. Swank, I followed his diet for two years from 2010 to 2012. During those years, I was attending a Seventh Day Adventist Church. My family doctor was an attendee and told me that they had a diet that could stop autoimmune illnesses from progressing. The Seventh Day Adventist’s follow Dr. Swank’s diet. It did keep me in remission and removed my fatigue those two years.

Where all these programs intersect and agree are these points:

  • No dairy. There is something in dairy that antibodies can mistake for something it wants to attack. The result of damage in autoimmune illnesses is caused by the antibodies attacking the body itself. It is not the only cause, but they all agree on this.
  • Sedentary lifestyle, exercise is key.
  • Lack of Vitamin D and so the need to get more sunlight, if possible and take Vitamin D3 supplements.
  • Reduce the toxic load on the body. Industrialized countries are full of toxins in our everyday products and in over processed foods.
  • Imbalanced diets, increase vegetables and whole foods, preferably organic, with vegetables being about two thirds of what you eat in a day.
  • Reduce stress. Each of these programs encourages meditation, positive thinking practices, prayer, counseling, introspective work, etc. Whatever works for you.
  • Not a cure, but a remission, a way to manage the illness and in most cases, when adhered to strictly, over time will heal some existing damage.

Obviously, this is a simplified list of each of these programs and points. I always suggest that you do your own research. When I started, I reread Dr. Wahls Protocol, I started on Matt’s regime, I ordered Dr. Jelinek’s book. I joined the AIP website and I researched Dr. Swank, starting with his website. It is important to know of these, because what works for me, psychologically, physically and mentally may be different for you. These all work. Good luck on your journey to conquer your illness or prevention of an illness.

I have links to all these programs from this page on my blog:

Research, Websites and Books

Additionally, on that page, also check out Dr. Coimbra’s Protocol and Dr. Zamboni’s research.


Bonne Sante


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