So, this happened to my bone broth after freezing…Ugh!

What a bummer. Well, at least it only happened to the two large bottles. I still have the four small ones I froze, two small jars in the lower fridge and a cup I drank yesterday. I threw these two out. I know what happened too. I did cool the liquid first, then bottle and cool further in the lower fridge before transferring to the freezer. I had filled the smaller bottles first, taking care to leave an inch of space at the top of each jar to allow for expansion when freezing. I forgot to do the same for the last two larger jars. This is what happens when you don’t leave space. Without the room to expand, the bottles broke. Oh well, lesson learned.

I am working my way back to Wahls level III (nutritional Ketosis). As I’ve said, there was a difference for me with level III as compared to the other levels. I had a greater result in healing, although, I have had healing on all three levels, but it was significant on level III, especially cognitively. I have some foods left over from the other levels, throwing away good food is not something I can afford. I am finishing off the Gluten free flour, dried whole cranberries and baby potatoes. That’s all I have left, once those go, I’ll begin level III again. Right now, I’m getting ready for it psychologically and physically. Some people can jump right into things, I have to prepare myself, which takes time. When I do this, whatever it is I am working towards has a far better success rate.

I am still hearing almost daily, people’s astonishment over my continued transformation. With the Protocol, it is dramatic and its fast. It’s only been nine months. I don’t look sick anymore. My gate, my sense of balance and my cognitive abilities have all significantly improved. However, I still have a lot of healing to do yet, hence level III. From what I understand, level III, over time replaces cellular structure with new cells, seven to ten years for complete replacement, to then be sustained by continuing the good habits I am learning and working on implementing into my life in a second nature way.

I am still stubborn about eating organ meat and seaweed. I have to find a way to include them. What worked best for me was taking desiccated liver and spirulina pills. But, I can not afford them. I need to research further ways to cook with organ meat, which can effectively hide them and the taste. I have looked into it here and there. What I need to do is compile a list of recipes, which I have been doing with notebook on my computer. I need to take the time, look at them again, compile them into one category and begin testing the recipes till I find the ones that work best. I am rebuilding my resolve to not settle for less. These are my upcoming goals.

In the mean time, I am still exercising four days a week and have two more physio appointments for my leg. The physio social worker asked if I wanted them to apply for more physio, but I said no. I said no for a couple of reasons. One, I don’t want to inundate myself with appointments, I am satisfied with what I’ve been taught and have been incorporating the exercises into my workouts with great success. The second reason is that it was made clear that I was allowed a max of $800 that could be spent on physio from disability. I don’t want to aggravate my worker, I’m going to further need her help with career counseling and my readiness to work. I am going to make an appointment with her around mid February. The end of this month, I have my appointment with the MS psychiatrist and the MS social worker to counsel about my goal to go back to work.

Whew! A lot to prepare for. There, now we’ll let that go, get ready for my workout tomorrow and take it a day at a time.


Bonne Sante

Yay, feeling better!

The cramping is over! And the spasticity is subsiding. I still have bloating, but my sinuses have dried up. You wouldn’t think that cheaper foods could cause such havoc, but after eating better for five months, my body reacted badly to it. It just strengthens my resolve to be strict. I mentioned in the last couple of blogs how I’ve been sick, about five days now, from a culmination of cheap meat, almost no organic vegetables and not taking digestive supplements which really are crucial. That coupled with off and on Ketosis, causing the Ketosis flu which is a need for Potassium, Sodium and Magnesium. I ran into these problems because I am on disability, which means, I don’t have a lot to spend, leaving no room for financial mishap or error. This diet is more than double the cost for groceries, that which includes only some of the supplements recommended. I have to rigidly juggle my expenses, which I have done successfully for five months, but the carpal tunnel surgery, a convention I attended and overspending on supplements and an event caused me to have to cut way back on spending for food and supplements. Suffice it to say, that won’t happen again, if its within my control. I stayed compliant, in that I didn’t have dairy, gluten or sugar (a minuscule amount in sauces at the convention). It was rather, the lack of supplements needed for this diet and cheap meat (that was the worst I think).

Right now, I am finally feeling better and even danced earlier to Jeff Beck. If you know 1970’s Jeff Beck, then you know that that man had a lot of funk in his music, especially the albums Wired and There and Back, both of which featured Jan Hammer. Jan Hammer who was originally with the Mahavishnu Orchestra and after his years with Jeff Beck, later went on to write and perform the award winning music for Miami Vice. Okay, the trivia break is over.

An important component to my staying the course is imagery. I see myself going back to work and succeeding in six months. I see myself regaining my driver’s license in one year. I see myself owning a car in one and half years. Everyday, I am getting more flexible, stronger, more balanced. I do still tip a lot, but have no doubt that too will come with time, patience and hard work. All of this is hard work. It is a commitment. But, one that pays and pays and pays.

I bought another ticket for the final showing of Living proof in Calgary to accompany a friend, to be supportive and for another shot of inspiration in the arm (that never hurts). Everything is still up in the air with e-stim. One of the physical therapy rehabs I had spoke with before is in the same building as where I exercise. I am going to talk to them tomorrow and see if I can get this attended to so that I can begin……finally!


Bonne Sante


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Advertising and My Blog

It is because of two 100% not commercialized organizations, both of which saved my life for two different reasons and during two different periods in my life that I sit here writing this blog at all. I’ve learned that the truth must remain untainted and that only happens when money for personal gain is kept out of it. When it is time for me to return to work because this lifestyle is leading me in that eventual direction, it will not be this blog or public speaking this message that will be making me a profit. My work on this blog will be in addition to what I do to earn my living. The work I do on the blog and any other way I can carry this message to others will have spiritual merits that far outweigh any money I could mar this with.

Why so strict? Because I’ve many lessons in my life about the power of an unconditional message. Once ads are floating all around it, it becomes mired in other motives and then I can’t take it seriously anymore. I’m not talking about books and media developed by the writer, orator, or producer carrying the message as cheaply as possible so that they aren’t bankrupt carrying the message, I’m all for necessary expenses being covered, such as travel expenses for the speaker by the sponsors of the event or a decent book charge to cover the expense of everything it takes to publish and distribute a book. That’s not what I am talking about at all. I’m talking about side bar ads, pop up ads, google ads, or worse, excepting money from pharmaceutical companies, which would be like Alcoholics Anonymous being funded by Anheuser-Busch, etc. Further would be overcharging for media and services. I can’t take the messenger seriously when I see that. I’ve seen selfless acts of carrying this particular message by highly educated people for nothing. Both Producer Matt Embry’s website MSHope and his father, Geologist Dr. Ashton Embry’s are both 100% non profit. Dr. Embry’s site is dedicated to using 95% of all funds collected to support CCSVI research. Because we all know we need more medical providers who understand this lifestyle and the science behind it. So, if the Powers that be would have it, the care of which will eventually be covered by the mainstream medical models and then made available to all of us straight from their doctors, how nice would that be. In the mean time, we must be our own doctors, researchers and advocates.

Dr. Wahls research began with Dr. Embry’s. Dr. Embry researched the diet correlation between nutrition and MS and put his son on the diet straight away in 1996 and he realized a connection between vitamin D and MS in 2001 as did Dr. Coimbra across the world in Brazil, around the same time (see research and web sites page).  All of this takes lots of proof. And because these holistic methods do not make certain billion dollar companies money and threaten half their profit and they currently have the power, it is an uphill battle that will not be won easily. But, steadfast, one day at a time, meticulous reporting and research. And pure, unfettered motives. Don’t get me wrong, we are all human, we will all be tempted (“Luke, come to the dark side.”) and we will all screw up or some of us will find the climb too hard and quit.

If I want to be taken seriously, I must document honestly, good and bad about myself, I must tell about my successes and my set backs and there can be no profit motive or this record won’t be worth much. That is how I feel, that is the person I’ve always been. I’m up for the challenge! How about you?!

On a personal recovery note: I am still sick. Its in my intestines. I am feeling better after three decent meals last night and today. I bought some good digestive enzymes and I drank Kombucha tea (1/2 cup) and am taking probiotic capsules to help right the upset. To deal with Ketosis flu symptoms till I get on top of that again, I’m adding Magnesium and extra salt. Trying to eat more fish, spinach and almonds. It is all helping.

One final note: I was lucky to have an Ethics Professor who taught Ethics for 30 years at Harvard, I got him when he chose to teach part time after retiring at my small Maine University. I remember him saying, “Where are the young’s voices in regards to oppression and corruption as they were in the 60’s?” Well, this is a worthy movement and were all sober, well I am!


Bonne Sante


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Living Proof Review

Living Proof was as good as I thought it would be. It did receive enthusiastic applause at its conclusion and many good questions were asked during the Q and A. I had the chance to say thank you to Dr. Ashton Embry for all his forthright work which made this possible for me and to Matt Embry for inspiring me and being supportive. I won’t describe the documentary, except to say this, it is part biography, Matt Embry’s (the film maker and Dr. Ashton Embry’s son) about his diagnosis of MS, part expose, of the MS society and the medical industries, both of which are in bed with the pharmaceutical companies and part hope, that there is an answer in lifestyle discipline of diet, exercise, vitamin D and stress management. The filming was great, it was well done. It was on the list to be included for voting for awards. I gave it a 5 as I am sure most in the audience did. There is one more showing, a third added after the first two sold out. They still have tickets for Saturday, September 30 at 9:30 pm showing at The Globe Theater. Buy tickets online by googling “Living Proof Calgary Film Festival”. Global distribution is in the works.

For me, I was not well this morning, but am doing better tonight. Good thing, for a time, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to attend tonight. I bought cheap fatty hamburger to get through the rest of the month and ate it four days in a row. I have been buying grass fed beef or bison from the natural market, but couldn’t afford it the way this month has been going financially. Did I pay for that. Stomach cramps, bloating, nose running, ugh, the worst was the spasticity and weakness coming back. I get to start next month tomorrow and will have money in the bank. First thing is grocery shopping, starting with the natural market.

Tomorrow I want to talk about websites and blogs that are inundated with advertising and popups galore. My promise to you, this blog will never be used to generate money, no ad will ever find its way here.


Bonne Sante

The Fountain of Youth

Went to exercise this morning. I had some weakness revisit me today and some spasticity come back at night too. I have got to get back into a routine for my Ketosis diet, between the conference, lack of money and the surgery, its really thrown me. For the most part I’ve stayed compliant to the best of my ability with all of this, but, the conference did cause me to eat some foods that were not ideal, the surgery caused me to fall out of routine and habit, and the short funds caused me to not take the supplements I really need to take (ran out and haven’t replenished) and I’ve relied on sub par foods, like cheap meats and mostly non-organic foods. I’ve fallen out of ketosis three times because of these three successive situations. I felt the long term ramifications of this today. Smarten up they say, paradoxically, Living Proof is tomorrow night. Good, I need a good motivator. Not that I’m anywhere near quitting. I’m not, not at all. I need to be very strict with my schedule, no surgeries, no conferences and a tight and micromanaged control on my money, which is what made me successful the first five months. There, other than that, I’m back in beginning ketosis, meaning, flu and sleepiness again till acclimate again. That’s the biggest reason to be very strict with my regime. This bouncing in and out of Ketosis isn’t good.

Reading, I thought about reading the book many times today, didn’t happen, but I did think about it 25 times or more. Tomorrow is a very busy day, so busy that I found it necessary to cancel my scheduled workout tomorrow. People coming over, then to the movie, I need my morning free to get things done and be rested for tomorrow night. It will be necessary to wait in line for an hour to be sure to sit together. This is advanced sales and unassigned seating. This theater is in a Mall, so that is helpful. We can take turns walking in the mall and holding our place in the line. I spoke briefly today with someone higher up in the Calgary Film Festival, because I couldn’t get a human on the phone in any other way to ask how early we should arrive tomorrow. I ended with her answering machine and she did call me back which impressed me greatly. She was gracious and accommodating. I told her that we had figured out our game plan, turns out one of our friends attending tomorrow is very familiar with the festival and the cinema. When I mentioned it was Living Proof we were attending, she said, “Boy, that’s a popular one!” That was great to hear.

One more thing, most of my life, I’ve been told I look younger than I am, its been a constant. Except for the last six or seven years. I crossed that invisible line into, well, invisible. But, not so the last month. I’ve heard repeatedly from people about my looks and mistaking me for a much younger person. So, if anyone is looking for the Fountain of Youth, look no further, this is it.

Just now, I got a call back from the coordinator for the Festival who went way out of her way to help me with the line tomorrow. I did say earlier that we figured it all out and were all set, but she said don’t worry. I did say that I have MS and I just needed to know what to expect with waiting times. She set it up so that we don’t have to wait. I told her, I feel bad about that because I’m not that disabled…..anymore. I explained to her, this movie is about a way of life that I’ve been following for six months that took me off a walker and a cane. I continued to point out that I was sure there would be others that will need the help more than I. Plus, there is five of us and I am the only one with MS. She said, “My God, you don’t have to apologize about that. That’s exciting!” I explained its happening to people all over the world, some film themselves, like the man who films himself daily making gains, recently he got out of his wheelchair to do squats at the end of five months. It should be on the front page of newspapers all over the world, but its not. Don’t you think that’s weird?

I am again on what my friend fondly describes as my “Soap Box.” “Your on your soap box again, get off it.”, she interjects. That is a problem I have. Oh well. I am grateful for the help, that is gratifying, I just feel guilty. Matt Embry put up a picture of Living Proof stickers someone at the Toronto Festival made for him for people to wear. I think if stickers show up tomorrow, I’ll put one on my forehead.


Bonne Sante


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Hissy fits, dost not a cause help!

My day began with a visit to the Carpal Tunnel Surgeon who gave me an A+ on the healing. I re-iterated my decision to forgo the surgery for my left wrist, at least for now. He was sweet and said, “I am familiar with your case now, if you decide in a year to have it, just call me.” I liked that. I said, “Thank you, it came out great, although, I hated you that morning.” He laughed and said, “I know.” Its tough to work in the medical industry. I do respect our Doctors and Nurses. They take the brunt of an often thankless system. And when things are less than honest, they get blamed too, when in truth, most have no more power, than I. I’m over my hissy fit yesterday and onto productive solutions.

I had coffee after my appointment with a woman that I took Multiple Sclerosis Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with almost a year ago. I haven’t seen her since just before I began the Wahls Protocol. The last time she saw me, I was pushing a walker. Suffice it to say, she was amazed at my progress, from the weight loss to the walk with her across the street and through the grocery store, without a cane, never mind the walker. Everyday, I tell at least three people about my “miracle”. I do this for several reasons:

  • I have a duty to get the message out about this so that more people are given the same opportunity I have been given.
  • I am so grateful, I can’t shut up about it anyway.
  • I want to be one voice among many who demands change in the medical system, thereby causing rehabilitation to be the primary focus using these holistic methods for autoimmune illnesses.

In the mean time, we will need to be our own doctors and our own advocates. I can see why Dr. Wahls calls her followers “Wahls Warriors”. Its because this really is a battle of sorts. For maximum effectiveness, it is important that I keep level headed and not be the toddler in the room.

This Monday, I am going to see Living Proof. Can’t wait. I will give a full report on the documentary Tuesday. I read a suggestion given by someone in his review of Matt Embry’s Living Proof where he suggested that Matt sell “Living Proof” t-shirts and those of us who are “Living Proof” will buy them and wear them. Good one!


Bonne Sante


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Bureaucracy! Erg!

I think I have unnecessarily complicated what I need for physical therapy. I simply need someone to help me with the machine and show me where to put the electrodes to work the correct muscles most atrophied from my particular damage. Its not that complicated. But, it is becoming complicated and I am not sure why that is. I had months of physical therapy through the MS clinics. I had therapy with Occupational Therapists for the cognitive problems I have, I saw a physical therapist three years ago, I counseled with an MS therapist and social workers to help with the challenges and losses associated with an illness of this magnitude. This is very simple compared to all of that. For those, I didn’t need to do a thing, but follow direction and show up at the appointments. I think I am part of the problem. The first physical therapy place I spoke with told me that it was not necessary to contact AISH that they would deal with that. Someone else said, “Oh, I get permission first.” Then I saw this perfect fit, it seemed for me, rehabilitation center. And now its necessary for me to have a consultation, diagnosis, visit, frequency, duration, expected outcome. I have a prescription from my Neurologist which states: Dx (Diagnosis) – Multiple Sclerosis. Physio to A+T Left Leg.    Ugh! What is so complicated about this.

The Center I petitioned for help from said today, they could not front a consultation with the promise of AISH paying for it later. The consult is $157.00 plus $200.00 to do the paperwork for AISH. I have decided to just go to one of the regular physical therapy places and make an appointment and let them deal with this. Because this is ridiculous. From what I understand, I have up to five physical therapy sessions that Alberta Health will cover for me annually. These, I’ve never used. So, why is this such a complicated deal. Bureaucracy! Erg!

I stopped taking $18,000 worth of Copaxone annually because I don’t think its warranted with this diet far surpassing anything claimed that Copaxone can do. Even if it does do the best they say it can do, which is reduce the possibilities of future attacks by 30%. It doesn’t come close to what this is doing for me. I’m off a cane I’ve relied on constantly for four years. I had my workout this morning. The ladies at the pool haven’t seen me in two weeks due to the carpal tunnel operation. And in just two weeks, they see strides I’ve made in my walking and my energy levels. Several commented on it including the teacher of the class. Why isn’t this front page news. I think it weird. I’ll call the elephant in the room, it is weird. I am in contact with people all over the world who are having and have had the same results as me. I feel like were this underground network that must remain out of the public eye. Oh well, three weeks ago I had a cane and now I don’t. I told the center I petitioned about Living Proof, they didn’t have time to talk, I understand that. I hope practitioners take the time to see this documentary, I think anyone on the front lines should see it. Were lucky we have it in Calgary. A lot of people around the world are waiting for the chance to see it. They’ll have to wait for a DVD. I’m blessed, I have a ticket. Can’t wait!

Forgive my rant, I’m frustrated today. But, I will get over it, calm down and put my nose back to the grind wheel and keep it simple (something I have a hard time with).


Bonne Sante

In the hands of the Universe!

Hungry, hungry, hungry today. I must be out of ketosis. I had to take some liberties over the convention weekend, not breaking the overall protocol, just level III. I haven’t checked my keytone levels yet. I’ll do that tomorrow morning. This I do know. I don’t experience hunger when I am in ketosis. I must be out of it. I did eat the correct foods yesterday and today. I had a big dinner tonight. I gave myself an extra serving of color and a little more protein then the 6 oz’s I usually have, still within what is allowed, just more. I feel sated, finally. Hopefully, I won’t be feeling this way tomorrow. Hey, speaking of tomorrow, this is my first day back to my normal workout routine! I will be taking my deep water aerobic class and lifting weights with both wrists. My carpal tunnel surgery has healed well. I am psyched!

In regards to e-stim (electrical muscle stimulation), I left a second message with my AISH (disability) worker today, who did call me soon after. She said she didn’t get the first call. She told me that I need to get a lot of information that really only can be had with an initial consultation with the rehabilitation place that I want to go to start me on e-stim and she needs the prescription from my Neurologist for rehab for my left drop foot leg. I did send the prescription, they were moving the office to another location at that time, so not surprised she doesn’t have it. I still do, I will send it with the consultation, on the other hand, I think the consultation would be sent via fax directly from their office. I’ll figure this out as I go. The Power’s that Be will guide the way. I called the Synaptic Spinal Cord Injury and Neuro Rehabilitation Centre (SSCINC) and asked if they could do this without a consultation, which, of course, I knew they wouldn’t be able to. It is a 90 minute consult that will cost $157.00. There is no way that I can pay that in the financial shape I am in at this present time as all my money goes for the food and supplements that I need and I am short, leaving me struggling at months end. I pick and choose supplements, as I cannot afford them all and I pick and choose organic and grass fed vegetables and meats according to what I can afford that week.

I explained to SSCINR how the Access vehicle pulled up in front of their place to pick up someone. When I read the name of the building, I got excited. I thought, “This is it!” The driver told me that it was new. We were 20 minutes early (unusual), I was invited by the driver to go in and speak with them. I had already spoken to two physical therapy places and my own MS clinic’s physical therapist (PT) and none of them knew about the Dr. Wahls Protocol and all required explaining about e-stim. Although, the MS PT helped me find a machine to buy. With AISH support, I now have it in my possession. This Rehabilitation Centre, knew exactly what I was talking about with just half a sentence about it out of my mouth. Their answer, “That’s what were experts at.” I reached for their business card and then spied a business card for a nutritionist (they have a nutritionist onsite!). I asked if they knew what the Wahls Protocol is and she said, “Yes, the nutritionist is well familiar with it.” This is the place that is best suited for my damage and for what I am successfully following. The PT who can make decisions of this nature about my case will get back to me next week, probably Monday. I gave them the address to my Blog.

I’ve put my plea out to the Universe, we’ll wait and see what comes back.

“Have no expectations, you’ll have no disappointments and everything you receive is a gift.” – Betsy A.

And, all that I have received following the Wahls Protocol thus far, has far exceeded my wildest imagination!


Bonne Sante


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Dance, does a body good!

Laundry, sweeping, mopping, dishes, cooking, organizing, writing, talking and dancing. These are the activities that filled my day. I’m excited that I could do all these household chores in one day, not a possibility not very long ago, but its the dancing that excited me the most. I love to dance. I am one of these people who goes out on a dance floor and stays there the entire night, but not in the last eight years. I was an athletic dancer and acrobat by trade when young and have had a lifetime love of music, especially live music and express this with dance. I have gone to a few events that involved dance in the last four years, but only danced one or two songs, barely able to move or keep my balance and embarrassed, quit. Today, I played the Foo Fighters on YouTube and had a blast, by myself. Of course I’m no where near what I once could do, lets face it, I’m 54. But, I had fun, I kept my energy up for 20 minutes and I jumped repeatedly, both feet off the floor in sustained motion for one whole minute! I can’t lift my left foot up like that. It hasn’t worked in years. And there I was today, jumping. Granted, only a few inches off the floor, but I was doing it! This is an outlet that I have sorely missed. A sadness to not have this ability anymore to enjoy a song to a bodies fullest extent. For me, its an expression of my soul. A couple of months into the Wahls Protocol, I was able for the first time, to jump once with both feet one inch off the floor. Today, four months after that, it was over and over again and higher. Big improvement. Time for E-stim!

E-Stim (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), I am anxiously waiting to begin this. I have a call into my AISH (disability worker) to have written verification sent to a neurological rehabilitation Center, after which, I can make an appointment with them and begin this next leg of my rehabilitation (pun intended). I’ll put in a follow up call as I had made that call last week sometime and haven’t heard yet. I think that’s enough time to make a second call. I am my own advocate. If I don’t advocate for myself, who else will. Part of that is being a pain and calling repeatedly if I have to while remembering that, any and all rehabilitation takes me that much closer to a possibility of re-employment and an independent future. For now, I think I will dance for twenty minutes everyday.


Bonne Sante


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“Its all happening.”

My carpal tunnel hand is healing nicely. I still need to wait at a least a week before taxing it with weight bearing tasks, but I can do everyday light weight things. With my hand in this condition, I have no choice but to go without my cane. Which was timely, because I have been building up my strength and rehabbing my left leg over five months now. Add to that the healing effect of the Protocol’s diet and other practices, my balance has gotten better and my leg is stronger. I have been without my cane one week. I am doing fairly well. I say fairly well, because I do teeter, meaning my equilibrium needs more work and I still catch my toe on things and trip, happened twice. Twice in one week is actually ridiculously good, I tripped all day on the cane just four months ago. So, a definite improvement. Whereas my balance has improved, I have a far way to go for that. I began balancing exercises yesterday at the gym using the bosu ball (a half ball with a flat side).

Bosu Ball

I must hang onto things to get up and do the exercises but, it is a beginning. I will incorporate more exercises as I go. Bringing my leg up when climbing stairs is still a challenge, which got better, but then declined again. Maybe because I haven’t been concentrating on it, exercise wise. That is the area of my leg that I think will benefit the most from electrical stimulation.

I will start that rehabilitation after the second wrist is done and healed. Then its a go. I have a follow up appointment with the surgeon on September 22, we will schedule the surgery that day for my left hand. After healing, I’ll set up an appointment to begin rehabilitation using the e-stim machine. That will probably happen towards the end of October. Getting there, one day at a time, one exercise at a time and one meal at a time, like Kate Hudson’s character in Almost Famous, Penny Lane said, “Its all happening.” I love that movie. Of course I love that movie, its about the 1970’s rock scene.


Bonne Sante


Picture of Penny Lane from the movie Almost Famous