Research, websites and books

I will begin with the people responsible for introducing me to these answers. Dr. Ashton Embry and his son Matt Embry:

Matt Embry
Matt Embry

MS Hope is Matt Embry’s website. When Dr. Embry’s son Matt was diagnosed in 1996 with MS, Dr. Embry, a scientist, set to work researching answers. Matt has been in remission 20 years due to what his father discovered and is a living testimony to its success. Matt explains in several short videos the components of what he does to stay symptom free.

Dr. Ashton Embry

Dr. Ashton Embry, Matt Embry’s father has worked tirelessly and is completely non-profit for 20 years to share his discoveries with others in need. His website is completely nonprofit devoting all funds raised to research. In other words, 100% of the funds raised goes directly into research. This is his website:

DIRECT-MS ( has been recommending 1200 mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid for MS for many years. Great to see recent research supporting the recommendation!

I am excited to share the news of the completion of a documentary Matt Embry has directed and produced called, “Living Proof”. In Matt’s words:

“I am honoured to announce that our feature documentary “Living Proof” was officially selected to premiere at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)! “Living Proof” is a film about my family’s journey to share information and hope with MS patients and their families. Thank you to all the amazing and inspiring people who made this film possible. I will post the September screening dates when they are publicly released!” Here is the trailer for the documentary:


Below is an article announcing research results of the effects of Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA) on atrophied brains as seen in MS, Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Dr. Embry has recommended 1200 mg of ALA per day for people following their diet. I follow that recommendation.

Multiple sclerosis: Antioxidant may slow disease progression


Dr. Wahls Protocol is specifically what I’m following:

terry wahls
Dr. Terry Wahls

Ashton Embry and Matt Embry are here in Calgary, AB and are responsible for opening the doors for me when they presented a live talk with Dr. Terry Wahls from the US and her Wahls Protocol. Dr. Wahls is an internist diagnosed with Secondary Progressive MS. In 2007 she was confined to a tilt back wheel chair and via her individual research into the Palio diet and mitochondria bacteria, she now bikes 17 miles to work daily. When Wahls began her research in 2007, she began with Dr. Embry’s research. Here is her website:

This is a Dr. Wahls Protocol tracker that I created to help me keep track of the many facets of her regime:

Wahls Daily Food Tracker

This, I believe will make it easier to keep track of the many facets of this regime. A little disclaimer, this tracker in no way takes the place of the Dr. Wahls Protocol book, which teaches everything about what your keeping track of on the sheets. Also, it won’t be perfect, if I spot mistakes, I’ll update it, if you know the Wahls Protocol and you spotted something, I hope you’ll let me know and I will fix it.

This is Dr. Terry Wahls’ book:

wahls protocol
Published 2014

This is a wonderful Facebook group for people interested in following the Wahls Protocol. This group is not run by Dr. Wahls staff. It is run and moderated by people on the diet. It is a well run group, it is private (you will need to ask to join). People of all autoimmune diseases are actively working at their diseases using the Wahls Protocol. I read this site everyday and I post my daily blog here. This is the link to the group:

These are the results of one of a number research projects Dr. Wahls Foundation is working on: Dr. Wahls Published Research Paper


This is Dr. George Jelinek who founded Overcoming MS. His regime and research is directly influenced Dr. Swank’s theories and research:

Dr. George Jelinek
Dr. George Jelinek

I learned of Dr. George Jelinek of Australia from Matt’s Facebook page. Here is the link to an article about two doctors who are in complete remission via Dr. George Jelinek’s program of recovery:

Multiple sclerosis: Doctors back unconventional treatment

Dr. Jelinek’s mother committed suicide in her advanced MS stage. Dr. Jelinek was diagnosed with MS five years later. In 1999, after research into diet, exercise, meditation and vitamin D, Dr. Jelinek put his own MS into remission and published a book. His methods have a world wide following of thousands practicing and succeeding in keeping their ms in remission. This is his website:

This is his book, I’ll show the original book and the completely revised and updated one:

oms older book
As it was originally published Jan 1, 2000
2016 oms book
Completely revised and updated version published October 1, 2016


This is Dr. Paolo Zamboni from Italy. The man who figured out the link between MS and blocked arteries in the neck:

Dr. Zamboni
Dr. Paolo Zamboni

Dr. Paolo Zamboni, specialty Vascular Surgery is the man who discovered a link between blocked arterial arteries from the neck to the brain and MS. His wife has MS. There has been lots of controversy over his findings, however, some of the critics are funded by pharmaceutical companies. Best thing is to research for yourself. Matt Embry has had the procedure done. He states that there was a marked difference in how he felt for the better. He has researched this extensively and still is. He has been in touch with a Doctor in the US who is researching keeping the valves open non-evasively with ultra sound. Matt has a very good introduction to this subject on his site in the video titled CCSVI: MS Hope

Matt says to look to his site in the next few months he will have some very exciting news to share.

matt and zamboni
Dr. Paolo Zamboni and Matt Embry


This is Dr. Cicero Coimbra of Brazil: He has developed a treatment for MS using huge doses of Vitamin D that requires direction and monitoring under a Doctor’s care who is trained in the Coimbra Protocol. Important: If not done correctly can cause damage!

Dr. Coimbra

Dr. Cicero Galli Coimbra is a Brazilian Neurologist, Professor and Researcher who has become popular for treating Multiple Sclerosis and auto immune disease with high doses of vitamin D3 combined with a combination of other supplements and diet recommendations. 

These are links that explains in detail what his MS Protocol is and the success he’s had.

I would start with a thorough interview with Dr. Coimbra in youtube, it is in Spanish with subtitles:

Dr. Coimbra interview

This is a link of Doctors worldwide who administer Dr. Coimbra’s Protocol:

There is now a North American Facebook Page for Coimbra’s Protocol. Search Facebook for this:  Coimbra vitamin D protocol for MS and autoimmune disorders

It is a private group, you’ll need to apply to join. I applied and was accepted in less than 10 minutes.

I briefly looked into this. We have one Doctor in Canada who offers Dr. Coimbra’s Protocol. She’s in Vancouver and can work with you via Skype:

Dr.Sanja Tamburic ND
Integrative medicine/autoimmune disorders
Vancouver Naturopathic Clinic
1308 W 8th Ave
V6H 4A6
clinic: 604 738 2111
online appointments:604 710 0635

It does not mention the Protocol on her website, but I did email her and she sent me what is required to get started, i.e blood work and urinalysis, etc. I am not ready to commit to this yet, I’m still researching. I am giving serious consideration. I need to read up more, listen to testimony, there is a lot of information on this out there. The other thing is I need to see if anything can be covered by health care here. As I learn, I’ll post more.

And this is the father of the diet theories, Dr. Roy L. Swank:

Dr. Swank
Dr. Roy L. Swank

“After considerable research, I developed a plan for the treatment of multiple sclerosis that absolutely anyone can do. A lifestyle change will have to take place, which may be a challenge for you, but the challenges of living with a disability are much greater.

“My 50 years of research and working with approximately 5,000 people, just like you, have proven that this protocol works to slow progression of the disease as well as benefit overall health.”

– Roy L. Swank, MD, PhD

Dr. Swank is the man who broke ground, linking MS remission to a low-saturated diet. He followed a large group of MS patients over a 30 year period. Some of his patients from the original study are still alive and well today, well into their 80’s and 90’s having followed his diet principles. His successful study was published at the same time the first MS Interferon drugs were introduced in the early 90’s. You can guess the rest.

This is the Swank Foundation Website:


These are the founders of a website called Autoimmune Wellness which uses Dr.

autoimmune paleo angie and mickey
Angie and Mickey founders of Autoimmune Wellness

With five autoimmune diseases between us, we found our path to better health through the Autoimmune Protocol. Now it is our mission to share this approach through nourishing recipes, practical resources, and community connections.

There diet is almost like Dr. Wahls Paleo, except they remove any food that it is possible to have an allergy to in the first year for a cleansing and then reintroduce some foods at the end of the year to see how your body reacts, such as nuts or eggs or nightshade vegetables.

They have a wonderful website and periodic newsletter, both of which I subscribe to, find very helpful and its free:



Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NEMS)

Intelect NEMS

I contacted my MS clinic to ask to see a physical therapist. I want to try using electric stimulation to help the muscles in my leg that are affected with long standing drop foot. I got very good advice from Wahls Facebook group to see a PT who can assess where I should place the electric stimulation. Interestingly enough, my MS clinic is just beginning to experiment with this exact therapy. Timing? Coincidence? I think not. I am hoping to have the device covered. It will take a month for me to get into see a PT. Patience, so hard to wait!

For those who do not know where I got this idea from, Dr. Wahls, who’s Protocol I am following (see my page on research, websites and books for links to her information), corrected her drop foot this way, in 2007 to 2008. She used electrical impulse and exercise to rebuild atrophied muscles. Others have done the same who have followed her example. Well, I’m down with that! But the damage stems from the brain, how will that work? A few ways, one I am practicing a lifestyle that reverses damage, two the atrophy is from limited use. It already exists for those who can afford it, an electric brace that sends electric pulses that help the afflicted person move their leg up when walking. Here’s a link that offers and explains this:

This specific product is not exactly what I am wanting, I need a conduit called NEMS, explanation:

Neuromuscular stimulation devices, also known as neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NEMS), and electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) are medical devices that transmit an electrical impulse which mimics the action of the central nervous system though electrodes adhered on the skin over selected muscle groups, causing the muscles to contract as a form of physical therapy or exercise. These devices are used for pain management as well as for prevention of muscle atrophy, and help strengthen muscles, maintain or gain range of motion, and temporarily reduce spasticity.

Can be bought here:

Prices ranging from $87 to $4000 USD

Dr. Wahls’ book does give the website she purchased her model from, but it is not longer a valid site. When I understand more, I’ll put up more info. I will add this information to the research page.