meMy name is Robin Howard. I have Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS), diagnosed 2004. I am an American currently residing in Calgary, AB, Canada.  This blog is about my journey and determination to beat MS. I have learned a few things these past two years that are shocking to me, successful solutions to putting MS in remission and even, in some cases, reversing damage. What is shocking to me, is the fact that these solutions, which have no negative side effects, are not taught, nor made available in Canada or US healthcare systems. Worse, if you learn of one of them and bring it up to most medical providers in these two countries, they will equate it with quackery, shamanism or wishful thinking. The problem is not that the healthcare systems are 100% bad, they’re not. I have benefited greatly from them in some ways. The problem is the fact that they are tainted and swayed by pharmaceutical companies and therefore are not open to researching anything that takes the direction away from the use of drugs. Drugs which are worth billions, but do little or nothing in the way of stopping the onslaught of MS attacks. What these drugs do cause are flu like symptoms, depression, cancer, liver disease, etc. I am paying the price for that with the wreckage that this illness has brought on me. Wreckage that I have been learning could have been avoided with knowledge denied me, some of which has been out there twenty years.  Here is what I will do:

I will journal as I learn:

  • What has been proven to me to work and seek out new information as I learn it.
  • I will research every lead and discuss, hopefuls, dead ends and what’s been proven to be dangerous.
  • Books and links to relevant data and websites, so that you can read and investigate for yourself.

I will journal everyday:

  • How I am feeling specific to the above treatments
  • Meals and supplements including recipes I used for that day
  • Changes medically
  • Mood, energy levels, improvements and setbacks
  • Exercise and meditations

Visit the page titled Research, websites and books to see exactly what it is that I am following right now and what this is all about.

As of today, I am on week three of what is described on the above page. Reasons for me to do this blog:

  • To keep me motivated.
  • For down days where I can simply look back to see the successes I’ve had so far.
  • To have a daily written record that I hope can be used in someones honest, unbiased research.
  • To help and inspire others.

Finally: I feel that I am an interesting case to study for several reasons. When I was diagnosed I was exhibiting electric shocks running through my right arm into my right side every time I moved or stopped moving. I was having crying jags that went on for hours at times. A new sensitivity to heat. I had been having four to five urinary tract infections a year for eight years at that point till I finally figured out that the problem was I had to manually push on my stomach to get my bladder working correctly. I was suddenly unable to do Yoga movements on the left leg and left hip. Fast forward: Emergency Neurologist, “Does anyone in your family have MS?” Reply, “NOooooooO!!!!! Three days later: MRI, I do have two lesions followed by Evoked Potentials and a spinal that showed an active attack, onto my first Steroid treatment. But, I was far sicker than what the MRI showed, almost a year later and we finally did an MRI of my neck and found that there was a 90% compression on my neck from two factors. 1. A congenital narrowing at the C5/C6 section of my spine. 2. A bulging disc in the same spot. They tripped on what was the beginning of MS for me because of the more severe problem at that time with my spine. Why are these two things relevant:

  • Dr. Zamboni in Italy’s discovery of blocked jugulars in the neck, called CCSVI being one of the causes of MS. I will give you sites that teach what this is all about.
  • Dr. Coimbra of Brazil’s theory of lack of vitamin D being the number one reason for developing MS and other autoimmune diseases. In his explanation, he describes repeat urinary tract infections to also be a contributor. I will share links to his research and treatment of thousands of people (not a typo, thousands, successfully).
  • Dr. Ashton Embry of Calgary, Canada, a scientist who did his own research to put into remission his then 18 year old son Matt’s MS, (in remission 20 years now).
  • Dr. Terri Wahls in the US who put her own MS into remission by doing her own independent research into the Paleo diet and mitochondria bacteria.
  • Dr. George Jelinek in Australia, a scientist, who’s mother committed suicide after years of suffering from MS. He was diagnosed five years after her death with the dreaded disease. Like Dr. Wahls and Dr. Embry he also did his own research and his findings are also incredible and make all the sense in the world to me. He is in remission 15 years.

These are a few of the major breakthroughs happening everywhere around the world.

It was explained to me after some confusion with my double neurological problems running simultaneously and the symptoms getting confused one for the other, which is causing what. Dr. Thibideau, a brilliant neurosurgeon from Maine, US explained: The bladder problems and the electricity on your right side are from the compression. The left leg/hip problems and sensitivity to heat are MS. No one was sure at that time what the deal was with crying, finally chalked it up to fatigue. Found out four years later after a massive attack on the cognitive section of my brain, that it stemmed from damage there. I have since rehabbed dramatically from the cognitive damage. Some in remission, some acclimatized to with the help of Occupational Therapists.

So why me to study, in brief:

  • Extreme compression on my neck (CCSVI theory)
  • Urinary tract infections, four or five a year for eight years prior to first MS attack (Dr. Coimbra)
  • Move from New Hampshire further north to Quebec in 1998 (diagnosed in 2004) (Vitamin D deficiency theory)
  • Add to this extreme stress i.e. move to another country, divorce from 18 year marriage, single mother in French speaking New Brunswick, death of my mother one year after our separation, move back across the border to Northern Maine (where my job was). Fact: I landed in the emergency room with those electric shocks four days after I re-entered the US. Stress is another major contributor to the development of autoimmune diseases. (A spiritual life and meditation are answers to this).

Hence: The perfect storm to get Multiple Sclerosis

Fast forward to 2017, where do I stand medically now?

I have 30 or 40 lesions. Two operations on my neck fusing c5/c6 in 2007, then fusing c4/c5 and c6/c7 in 2015. I have just finished an attack and see the wheelchair looming before me. I have made my decision to stop screwing around with ridiculous excuses to not commit to this. Week 3…….

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  1. You are a living commercial for the Wahls Protocol and how one can overcome damage from multiple sclerosis. Thank you for sharing your very insightful and well-written insights.


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