Still Going Strong!

Its been awhile and I apologize for that. I have some catching up to do, I have had many gains and some rude awakenings. I want to review a few products that I’ve incorporated into my Wahls life. I spoke about them when I bought them, now I want to report to you how they worked out for me. I want to start with the ceramic frying pan I bought. Early on in my journey, I tossed out all my Teflon pans because they are bad for me, keeping only my stainless steel set and purchasing a small cast iron and a med/large ceramic frying pan. The ceramic pan I bought was a cheap one from the grocery store. If you can afford it, invest in the higher quality expensive pieces, because I did get what I paid for. I paid $40.00 for this pan a year ago, It was only after a few uses that the ceramic coating began to chip off. I still use the pan often, but I need to scrub it and when cooking use a lot of oil. Really, I need to replace it. Which I will do when I have the funds. Here is a picture of it new and now.

Next the Nutri Ninja Pro Blender (Ninja BL456). I have owned a Magic Bullet, which for this lifestyle is not good enough. The dream machine if you can pay for it is the Vitamix, which is up in the $500 plus range. Out of my reach. I have the next best thing from a Magic Bullet, the single serving Ninja Professional I own sells in the $100 to $130 range. This was a gift that keeps giving. Its a good one. The engine is a powerful one. I use it almost daily. I make coffee lattes, pureed vegetables, minced cauliflower for cauliflower rice, smoothies, and Tahini sauce. It does all these things well, but here are the cons: It isn’t made for heat, but I have it down to a science. When making my coffee lattes:

1 cup coffee, 1/4 cup coconut milk and whisk to cool down the coffee a little. Add whatever flavorings you want (such as vanilla, cinnamon, almond butter, organic cocoa and always a dash of Himalayan salt. If you can have it, levels 1 and 2 add a tsp of natural sugar) and screw the lid on. Turn upside down and count to 8, then turn up right and unscrew the lid to let the steam escape. Then blend, count to 8 and stop. Why do I have to do this. Because the steam will blow the top and hot latte will pour out. But, if you do the above, it won’t. The counting to 8 then immediately removing the lid both times is key. The other con is that the lid can be difficult to remove at times. It is a wide mouth that requires a full opening of your hand to grasp and turn. I don’t have a problem, but people with damaged hands will. What I do have a problem with is when it refuses to open, usually again, because of heat build up. I keep a stretch rubber physio elastic band to grasp the top and sides for leverage to remove the lid. Now aside from the full grasp which is not optional, the two cons listed are both because the Ninja is not made for heat. This is making do with what I have, which is better than not doing it at all. For what the Ninja is made for, it is excellent and that’s because of the blades and the engine. All in all, I am happy with it, its a tough little machine.

Nutri Ninja Blender

Next is the Spiralizer. I bought mine recently from The one I bought is called Spiral Slicer from SimpleTaste and it sells in the $30 range. I got mine from This has been on my wish list for a long time. It allows me to cut thin spiral shaped “noodles” out of zucchini, carrots, squash, whatever else you can think of. It does a good job, however a word of warning. The first two times I used it I sliced my finger. The blade is very, very sharp, it is out in the open and not shielded, very easy to brush your fingers over it when moving it. Below is a picture of the second cut I got. I no longer get cuts as I am ultra aware now of the hazard.


The last one I want to talk about is a new addition to the family. I am very excited about this. I have come to love Kombucha tea. I try to get at least one serving of fermented food in me a day. That might be fermented sauerkraut or Kombucha tea. I can’t always have the tea because it is so expensive to buy. Ideally, is to make your own, because it is literally, organic black or green tea, filtered water, 1 cup of organic cane sugar, the scoby and one cup of brewed organic Kombucha will make four liters of tea. You will need a scoby, I’ve named mine, they’re alive (Buddy one and Buddy two).  I am in the process of brewing my first batch….so exciting! The scoby is formed over time from brewing Kombucha, these scobies can be used for repeated brews and as other’s form over time you can keep them alive in a “Scoby Hotel (so cute)” and brew more tea or gift to friends for them to start their own brewing process. I bought a starter kit from Brew Your Bucha off of Amazon for $88. I bought a highly rated book on brewing Kombucha tea (picture below) by Hannah Crum & Alex LaGory of Kombucha Kamp and here I am finally brewing. I had looked into the company that wrote the book, Kombucha Kamp, but they are based in the US and I am in Canada, shipping was over $80, no good for me. I found Brew Your Bucha here in Canada and they are reasonably priced and upon reading many reviews, they are reputable. That’s important because you don’t want to buy a Scoby from a bad source. They are also wholly supportive. So far so good. My first batch will be finished in 9 to 30 days, depending on temperatures, warm faster, cold longer. Its summer and my apartment is warm, so I’m guessing 9 days. Once the first batch is done, bottled, and in the fridge, I will immediately begin the next batch, which will then give me four more liters in (probably) nine days. Here’s the brew set up and the book (which is excellent):

This lifestyle, though completely and totally foreign to me when I began in April of 2016 has become totally second nature. I won’t lie, it was a commitment that required ingenuity and patience to achieve. It is a more expensive way of eating, period, but there are ways to solve those problems. If you can easily afford it, then it will be a third easier for you.  I like many have had to think outside the box and patiently add this and then that. I’m still working on it, always will.

This is my latest milestone: I have always had to use dressing rooms with seating because I can’t stand and lift my left drop foot leg high enough and keep my balance (bad equilibrium) thereby making it impossible for me to get my left into a pair of pants while standing. Drum roll please…………I can now.

If your sick, do it, do it now, this works, it will give you a better life. Mine is not perfect, I am not cured, all my damage has not disappeared, but I read daily what others have to say on The Wahls Facebook page, some of whom have been at this four to eight years and they have all experienced continuous healing. So, it just keeps getting better. So far, that is proving to be true for me as well. This was lunch today, I am on Wahls level III at present which is a Ketosis diet.


This is a pan fried in coconut oil bone in pork chop from a meat shop close to here (lucky me) owned and operated by the farm itself (cheapest way to buy healthy meats). All their meats are from pastured, no antibiotic, no hormones animals. I call it “clean meat”. Paired with pureed half and half mix of cauliflower and yams, full fat coconut milk, Ghee and Himalayan salt and pepper, the other side is red cabbage that has been steamed with coconut oil melted on top and salt and pepper, all organic. This was yummy! Truly, I don’t feel deprived because I have found satisfactorily and superior replacements for the more culturally traditional foods of my industrial culture. It is simply getting back to pure methods of eating. Its old world eating.


Bonne Sante