Back on Level III, Nutritional Ketosis

I started eating a level III diet today, I have been working back up to it, adding this, eliminating that. Tomorrow, I’ll skip breakfast and begin the fasts. As I’ve said before, I have healed on all three levels of the Wahls Protocol, but the third level was most remarkable, especially cognitively. How does Nutritional Ketosis heal? The Wahls Protocol book has detailed information on the subject. A simple description was found on this site:

The Wahls Protocol uses a combination of non toxic products, whole foods, clean meats, exercise, physio and meditative practices to reduce stress in conjunction with Nutritional Ketosis. In other words, its a lifestyle, not a fad or weight loss deal, although weight loss is just one of the many pleasant side effects.

Day two and I am already detoxing in ways I will not discuss here, but its all part of the process. What helps this time around is that I know the drill, I know what to expect. I’m excited to be back on this level. Swam and circuit trained today including my physio for my leg in the circuit training workout. One more brick in the wall done!


Bonne sante!

3 thoughts on “Back on Level III, Nutritional Ketosis

    1. The last few years, I’ve also looked into the other diets. I was, without realizing it, on the Australian Overcoming MS vegan diet for a year and it did help me, but not as well as this, most especially in the cognitive department. I have 18 lesions in the cognitive section of my brain. I’ve been getting my cognitive abilities back. Wahls fine tuned the diet to an exact science. I had to read and reread her book to take it all in. I made charts to help me keep track of it all. It took a good 6 months to be able to let go of the charts. I know what I’ve had and I know what I need to have, its become second nature in my life. I wish you good fortune on your journey to health!

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      1. The overcoming ms is one my doctor recommended actually, weirdly enough haha
        It’s so amazing the Wahls is working so well for you and I hope it continues to do so! I think I need to dabble into a bit of reading! 😊

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