Okay….day one of 2018! Woo Hoo!

This has been a tough month for me, but a good one. It became necessary for me to step back from level III (nutritional ketosis) to level I with some II and III thrown in. I needed the added flexibility for financial reasons and to make it easier to get through holiday dinners with more food options to pick from. The strategy did work for me. With all the busyness and being overwhelmed, I backed off the daily blog in December. I wrote some, but not daily. Through this, I needed to tone down the intensity of my constant drive to work the protocol into my life. Where as, stopping the protocol is out of the question, I decided to forego the blog till I got out of the holiday month. Energy can still be an issue for me. I have healed and improved leaps and bounds in this area, but I still get fatigued when too much is going on all at once. As of today, I feel quite rested and ready for Wahls 2018!

Out of ketosis a month now, I can tell you that there is a difference in my healing. On ketosis, my cognitive damage was healing rapidly. I am still healing, but not at the same rate as ketosis. I will return to it by the end of this month. Why do I have to wait till the end of this month, because I need to rework it in. When I haven’t exercised in a while, I always, on the first day back, do only half of what I think I can do and this usually wards off the pain the next morning that can cause many to not return to the gym. From there I work up gradually, this also helps me notice all the little triumphs over weeks, instead of one big humiliation when I attempt to do what I once could do in more athletic days the first day out. Easy does it, but do it is a favorite motto that works for me in the long run.

How did I do with holiday dinners? I made the best choices possible, I wasn’t a complete saint, but I did alright. For example:

  • Turkey with traditional gravy made with cornstarch and butter. I did have a little gravy.
  • Mashed potatoes with butter and milk. I did have a very small dollop.
  • Wahls compliant Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, bacon and onion with balsamic syrup (balsamic vinegar cooked down). (the dish I brought, which was a hit by the way).
  • Green salad
  • Stuffing made with gluten free bread, chicken stock and butter. I did have this, but only one serving instead of two servings as this is my favorite part of the meal.
  • Homemade whole cranberry sauce that did have sugar, but I’d say half the amount of most cranberry sauces. I had about a tablespoon.
  • Sweet peas with lettuce and mint.
  • Gluten free lemon poppy seed (100% Wahls compliant) and banana breads (a lot of sugar). I had several slices over a two day period of the poppy seed bread and one slice of the banana.
  • Gluten free homemade cookies made with a lot of sugar, so I had just two medium sized cookies.

I said no to the traditional British Christmas pudding, cake and mincemeat tart-lets that my friend is so good at making and I gave away my milk chocolate gift (I brought a bar of Lindt 85% dark chocolate with me and ate that instead).

All in all, I wasn’t perfect, but for that one meal, the worst was sugar in the desserts and butter in the stuffing and the mashed potatoes, I shouldn’t have had at all. I did bring Ghee to the event of which I was assisting with the cooking, but I didn’t bring enough. What I haven’t done is overeat and I’ve stayed Wahls compliant every day and at two other holiday meals.

Onward and upward! I updated my MS symptoms page for January 1, 2018, here is the link: Monthly MS Symptoms


I wish you health and happiness in the new year,


Bonne Sante


Picture from Pixels: https://www.pexels.com/photo/sky-lights-night-new-year-s-eve-66277/




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