S M I L E !

Christmas in five days! Bet you needed me to tell you that, right? I have slowed down on my blogging to once or twice a week, which, I think from here on out I’ll keep that pace. It was daily for seven and a half months. I’m currently off nutritious ketosis (Wahls level III). I do notice a marked decrease in the healing rate I was enjoying on that level and will go back to it in January. For the holidays, this is easier. Gives me more choices, for example, at a luncheon a couple days ago, this level allowed me to eat something, level III, nothing. A beautiful spread, I had shrimp salad rolls, rice crackers, fresh fruit and coffee. On level III, only fruit and coffee, and of the four fruits served, only raspberries. I’m still healing, I’m not regressing, but it was remarkable on level III. So much so that it will be well worth the effort to make it work.

I was weak and put out a resume for a job that was directly across the street from me. But, regretted that the next day. I know its too soon. For one thing, I made a promise to my Neurologist that I would wait till rehabilitation is finished and that will take another three months. Plus, three months fits neatly into the original blueprint (plan) to work after one year on the Wahls Protocol, which is March 27th. I will keep to it and wait.

Today, we had the end of a storm this morning. I went Christmas and grocery shopping. I trudged through the snow with some balance issues, but got to the bus stop. Witnessed a car accident just before the stop. A woman pushed the flashing yellow pedestrian signal, the first car stopped, but the guy behind him wasn’t paying attention and plowed into the car that stopped, then into the pole. The guys were yelling at each other, but no one was hurt. Then my bus arrived. So, I trudged, I shopped, and shopped, and shopped some more. Four hours with two twenty minute sitting rests. Got home, rested for a short time, did some housework and made dinner for a friend. She left not long ago. Early this morning before going out, I did my laundry. A good productive day that I will remind you would’ve been impossible for me to do. I stayed away from malls. I was not free to walk around. A walker would’ve been necessary and bathrooms within walking distance and they never are at malls. But, neither is an issue. I do need to here and there, but I shopped at Sears, which is going out of business in Canada. The last time I went to Sears was last winter, I had a walker and I need assistance to get items low to the ground. I was exhausted after thirty minutes of shopping that required trying on one item of clothing. This is the first time back to that same Sears and I smiled when I effortlessly reached repeatedly for low to the ground items, without assistance, a walker or a cane. Then shopped for four and a half hours. S   M    I     L    E     !


Bonne Sante


One thought on “S M I L E !

  1. Merry Christmas, Oh and a happy New year OTW… I ‘ve been living with MS for years now and I have a lot of good days and bad days. I try to remind my fellow MS’ers to try and push themselves everyday. Smile through the BS and nonsense. Even when things feel bad, try to write about it, you never know who may be feeling the same way you are. Thank you for following, donating, supporting (p.s. art supplies needed 😉 #stayblessed


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