Yes, Virginia, you can turn the clock back.

Teary gratitude moment today. It happened as I learned a new exercise that will further help my walking and stepping up stairs. I’m just so happy to have knowledgeable direction to apply the correct exercises to rebuild atrophied muscles around what neurologically doesn’t work. That took me by surprise. I was just happy to be working on this. My left drop foot is the oldest damage I have. It started in 2003 when all of a sudden I couldn’t do a yoga stretch that I’ve never had a problem with before. It was on the left side and it was weird. I let it go. A year later, my left leg was weakening at the end of hour long power walks that I took daily. Having been a contortionist and an acrobat in younger years, I thought that I might have old damage in my hip. When electric shocks began coursing through my right arm and side, I went to an emergency room and after having the recommended MRI a few days later, I learned that I had two lesions typical of MS. One of the lesions was on the right side of the brain and was the reason my leg was weakening and inflexible. Long story short, over the years as I’ve had more MS flare ups and damage, the original lesion causing damage to the left leg grew larger with each attack. Progressing to a noticeable limp, then to a cane and finally a walker.

Its been eight months since I began the Wahls Protocol and weaned off the walker, AFO and the cane. I walk freely, but still fatigue after a lot of exercise or walking and need to sit and rest my leg. I’m about where the level of fatigue was in 2008. Think about it, the clock has been turned back nine years in eight months.  I’ll say it again, if a MS drug did this, it would be all over the news. So, I had a teary moment, I regained my composure quick, I don’t think anyone knew I had a tear in my eye. I was doing exercises that have been completely impossible for me to do, not so long ago. I was doing them slow, but I was doing them. Its because of physio that I even know after having this damage since 2004 that what doesn’t work is my left hip flexor. I thought early on it was my side hip, but then thought better that it was my left glute muscle not working right. What matters, is that I know what it is now. Thank you!

I think on physio days, I really need to drop a workout. There is a physio center in the leisure center where I work out and swim. I schedule my appointments on days I am scheduled to work out. I get there early and swim for an hour, rest, have coffee, then circuit train in the gym for 40 minutes, then head straight into physio from there. Physio is almost an hour on top of that. It was too much for me, I did fatigue and I slept and did nothing most of the rest of the day. The next time, I’ll swim, but will skip the weights and rest up for physio. The trouble with me is that I am a “if some is good, a lot is better” kind of person. The workouts are part of my building blocks, every meal, every workout is a brick. I hate to miss one. But, truthfully, I’m not really missing one, I’m swapping one out. Physio is every two weeks on Mondays till the end of January, then were done. I do the exercises around four times per week with space between to recover, which the physical therapist explained is how I should be doing this. Suffice it to say, I think that would bring a tear to anyone’s eye. On the Wahls Protocol Facebook page, members are posting before and after photos of when they began and today. I am waiting till my first year on the Protocol is complete, then I’ll post my after picture. I wonder how much it is to have the before picture blown up to one of those life size, stand alone cut outs. I thought to bring it to the Leisure Center where it was taken. Then, I’ll dance around it while someone films it, that can be my after photo!


Bonne Sante


Picture from Pexels:

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