Dr. Wahls Research

I am on Dr. Wahls mailing list. I get one once in a while. She is involved in research to back up what we on the Protocol already know from our personal experience works. Tonight’s blog is her letter copied here for you. I’ll let it speak for itself.


Giving patients back their health and quality of life, and changing the standard of care is the aim of my research with my team at the University of Iowa. If you would like to support my research projects comparing The Wahls Protocol® to chronic disease, you may do so now by making at gift to the Terry Wahls MD Research Fund through the University of Iowa: www.givetoiowa.org/wahls

Learn more by clicking the video below:


All funds raised will support the research being conducted by my research lab.

Many non-profits have very little oversight and high overhead costs, often spending less than half of the funds raised on their declared mission. The University of Iowa Foundation provides administrative oversight and support to the Dr. Terry Wahls Research Fund – providing 95% of all donated monies to directly support research and education.

When donating to the Dr. Terry Wahls Research Fund, you will receive a thank you note and receipt for tax purposes from the University of Iowa.You will be helping my team have more resources on hand to conduct more innovative studies that can change the standard of medical care.

You can also be confident that your donation will be well-used, knowing that the fund is managed and monitored by professional staff who keep overhead costs at less than 5 percent.

Learn more about future directions, our current research, and download published research at https://terrywahls.com/about/the-wahls-research-fund/

As always, I thank you for your ongoing support in my mission to create an epidemic of health.

In health,

Dr. Terry Wahls


Bonne Sante

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