Waiting for the dawn of a new day

Milestone for me on Saturday. I MC’ed an event for the first time since the attack in 2009 and did really well with it. It was comfortable (like riding a bike), all went well and I lasted. The very end did find me fatigued. Given the workout and walking done for the event I cancelled exercise this morning. Today I got shopping done, which also required a great deal of walking, and so will be cancelling exercise tomorrow too. I had killer physio on Friday that left me in muscle pain Saturday as I MC’ed giving proof of a new exercise that I obviously and desperately need. First time that happened. They offer heat pads at the end of a session, Friday’s session I declined the heating pads. I wonder if that’s why they use heat and would it have made a difference? We’ll find out the next time I go. Tonight, I will take it easy and tomorrow I will get stuff done around the house and resume physio here. I’ll get back to exercise sessions at the Southland Leisure Center Thursday.

I am still nervous over dropping level III. I feel like I’m cheating. I have to keep reminding myself that I’m still on the Protocol just on the other level. Although, if I regress at all, I’m going right back on level III. I’m still torn over the idea of finding part time work. I am vacillating between not working at all till I’m finished with all my rehabilitation and getting the left carpal tunnel surgery done to working part time and not doing the carpal tunnel surgery (stupid given the waiting list some people have to endure for the opportunity). Also, things will be revving up soon with appointments with the MS psychiatrist, the MS social worker, my disability worker and career counseling along with the rest of the physio appointments, my four day exercise schedule and Dr. Wahls diet adjustments.

On a different note, I am following Dr. Wahls Webinar series. There is one coming up November 30th at 7 pm. These are free. If your interested visit her site to register: https://terrywahls.com/                                                                                                        I found the last one helpful and am looking forward to the next. The nice thing is if for some reason after registering you can’t watch it live November 30th, they’ll send you a link the next day to a recorded version. That was the case for me for the last one. For this upcoming one, I am listening at the scheduled time.

I am going to make jewelry tomorrow. I have been making jewelry for decades and it is a meditative activity for me. I’ve barely touched my work space since I began this journey  eight months ago tomorrow. Damn it its time. I’ll pick something simple. Although, I only have the strung section of a more complicated piece to finish. Maybe we’ll do that. Eight months, its only four months till my targeted day to begin full time work. Four months will fly by and will be just enough time to finish everything. Four months, wow, day at a time.

Bonne Sante

One thought on “Waiting for the dawn of a new day

  1. Hi

    I have been reading your full blog lately – not just what is on FB.

    Thank you for sharing.

    You are courageous and brave


    Mary-Anne Robeson, MIR, HTR


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