It is nerve racking readjusting to level II, which in my case (financially today) is more a split between levels I, II and III. My hunger is back full force, making me at this moment, cranky. There is no hunger in level III, a side effect of Nutritional Ketosis. In other words, I have not been hungry for three months. I get money on the 27th, that will make all of this far easier. I’ll be meeting up with friends in Strathmore, forty-five minutes out of Calgary, this Monday, very much looking forward to that. While we are there we are stopping by Pure Country Quality Meats. Last month I spent $50 and had enough really good meat for the whole month. That is a huge help. Exercise tomorrow. I need that. Her crankyness is cutting her blog short tonight. Remember, this is a honest account of my experience for the first year on the Wahls Protocol. That includes days like these.


Bonne Sante

Note: Don’t worry, I am still committed to and grateful for the Protocol, just don’t like the way I am feeling today.

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