Adjusting, adjusting

Today was a very busy day, got a lot done on the non profit I am involved in. I just finished typing up reports, so this will be a short blog tonight as I must get up very early tomorrow for exercise and an unexpected day trip to Canmore with a friend. Get it, unexpected, it was impossible for me to participate in anything like that without a great deal of planning and prepared rest. NOT anymore!

I am readjusting to Wahls level II from the level III. It is a big physical adjustment after being mostly in Ketosis the past three and half months. Some of the adjustments are positive and some are not. My energy is thru the roof. I realize now how much of my energy was sapped from the in/out of Ketosis situation. I was in Ketosis almost two months without falling out of it. When I adjusted to that, I did have the energy rush everyone talks about, because of that and the increased cognitive healing of Nutritional Ketosis, I will return to it again. But, because of my current financial inflexibility, I cannot maintain it. The last month and a half, I have been in it, out of it. Which had kept me in a perpetual state of adjusting to it. Believe me, you only want to go through that once, it isn’t pleasant. I’m energized, but bloated due to increasing sugars and carbs in the form of other fruits and starchy vegetables. I figure it’ll take a few weeks to readjust.

Had a wonderful conversation today with friends about the job front and waiting, but consider getting a very casual position, say one day a week to help offset the cost of everything. That is a good idea.

That’s all from me today,

Bonne Sante


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