Dr. Wahls has begun an online webinar series that is free. I listened to it tonight and really enjoyed it. I listened to the stories of other Wahls warriors. Dr. Wahls answered questions from people who submitted them online as this was a live webinar. I have a link to the recorded version:

Dr. Wahls webinar

Exercised this morning and am slowly transitioning back to Wahls Paleo level II. I am feeling bloated, but other than that, okay. I like the overnight fasting of level III and will continue to do that. But I won’t fast during the eight hour window. Have to eat more on this level and need to rethink my fats. On level III it is absolutely necessary to eat a lot of fat, I’ll need to cut down on my use of fat in cooking and in smoothies. Speaking of smoothies, I had a smoothie with fruit in it other than berries, it was so good.

I chose to go back to level II because I am not able to maintain ketosis consistently for financial reasons. Too often I am without this or that, whereas on level II there is more flexibility and therefore more options to fall back on when funds are low. It is not good to be in and out and in and out of ketosis and that has been my pattern. When I am in ketosis, I do feel the difference, and so, as much as I like different fruit and a weekly potato, I will one day, when I can work and my finances improve, most likely go back on level III. It is important to note that lots of people working the Wahls Protocol for years have improved staying on level II and some with autoimmune illnesses are successful with level I. Levels II and III have added high omega 3 fish, seaweed, organ meat, bone broth, and fermented foods as a mandatory part of the regime. These five things bring a lot of healing to the table.

I have a busy day tomorrow and need to prepare for it tonight.


Bonne Sante


A favorite picture from Pexels





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