Dr. Wahls Presentation

I have posted this presentation before, but I am posting it again because it has a wealth of information and it answers many questions that people have who are working at incorporating the diet part of the Protocol into their lives. What is fermented foods? What about seaweed? Organic vs non organic?… The “tour” is 50 minutes long and features Dr. Wahls giving a tour of the various foods in her kitchen with Diane “V” Capaldi Paleo Boss Lady.

Dr. Wahls Protocol Kitchen Tour

Its nice to have this along with The Wahls Protocol book. Every now and then, I’ll watch this again. For a few reasons, one to relearn or pick up another tip I hadn’t brought in yet. Two, I feel empowered when I watch these two ladies talk about what is giving my life back as both are tremendous power of examples. Dr. Wahls from tilt back wheel chair to riding a bike miles a day and V back from the brink of death, both have Secondary Progressive MS. They show how it can be possible even at their degree of disability.

I still struggle with certain aspects of the Protocol. I’m not good at soaking nuts and I am still figuring out a compromise I can live with for the seaweed deal and I have not made homemade bone broth yet. The important thing is that I am always working at it and I have incorporated enough into my life that I have had astounding rehabilitation in just seven months. But, I’d like all that this has to offer and so I will continue to plug along at the parts I am stubborn about.

Dr. Wahls website: http://terrywahls.com/

V’s Paleo Boss Lady: http://www.paleobosslady.com/

Bonne Sante


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