Support = Strength

My neurology appointment went well, I do have a Doctor I like. They, my Doctor and his nurse, are very familiar with Dr. Wahls Protocol, asking questions like what level are you on, have you been strict in adhering to it. My Doctor put me on the waiting list for the Optimus Program and on a list for the MS psychiatrist. The point of each is to help me figure out if I can work, what I can do and what I cannot do and to help me psychologically deal with my fears over the risks of attempting full time work. I believe in the Protocol, but it is not a one hundred percent cure for MS. What it is is something I can manage my illness with. In some cases it has reversed some of the damage on MRI’s, but in no one’s case are they fully restored, except in cases early on in the disease process and beginning the diet then, physically these people fare the best, but still are not cured. They need to stay on the Protocol, for even a short time off it, the MS symptoms are back. My Doctor was adamant that I am not ready to try to work yet, he wants to see me complete the physio and Optimus program before I try. I agree, I explained that five months is what I am thinking. He said maybe longer. It will take two to four months to be excepted into the program and to see the Psychiatrist. I start nine weeks of physio Monday for my leg. Really excited about that. He said that I will need all my energy for rehabilitation. I agree with that too. I am still considering a simple part time job, maybe eight to ten hours a week to help offset the cost of the Protocol.

This is a big job working to heal as much as I can and then testing whether full time work is realistic. As I said, it may never be, and if it is, then it has to be the right job. School is a possibility, to gain a certificate in something. I have a lot of skills and experience, but no certificate or finished degree. I’m not going to worry about that right now. I am going to finish my resume and look into a simple local part time job. And I am going to continue to work hard at rehabilitation. It felt good to not have to argue with my Doctor about what I am trying to do. My MS Clinic is a leader in MS research and clinical studies. I asked if my Doctor was involved with the University of Calgary’s MS research studies. He said no. Just the same, I offered, “If they ever do a clinical study of the Wahls Protocol, I’ll volunteer for that.”, said with a Cheshire Cat grin. I am on track and moving forward. To feel that I can pursue purpose and goals fills me with happiness. I will do the most of what I can do, I’m just not sure what that is yet. I am grateful for the support. Let the healing continue!


Bonne Sante

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