Good Taste?

As I wrote yesterday, I am losing hair in unusual amounts. After some research for the other problems, which were sleepiness and depression, I learned that my dilemma was probably not enough protein and saturated fats on my Nutritional Ketosis diet. After increasing my fat and protein intake, this was proved to be true. It occurred to me, that maybe that is also the reason for the hair loss. I began research and read in a GQ article about various reasons for hair loss, that one could be not enough protein. I thought, “Aha!” You’d think that that would’ve been my first thought, but no, I did not equate the symptoms till I read that. I will wait two weeks and see, now that I’ve increased both my protein and fat, if my hair loss improves too.

I have been trying new foods since I began the Wahls Protocol seven months ago. Some of the new experiences were good, others not so good. What I have learned about myself and that which took me by surprise was that I am a picky eater. I have never viewed myself in that light and have always considered myself to be open to most tastes. In the conventional North American diet, that is true. But, not on this one. Many things I have excepted with gusto, like fermented foods like Kombucca Tea and Nutritional Yeast, ground bison, the darkest of chocolate, the loss of my sweet tooth and black coffee. Foods that are hard for me to accept are oily fishes (best ones for Omega 3’s), organ meats, and seaweed. The best way to get your nutrients, if possible is always eating them, but if this is not possible, then the easiest way to deal with that if you can’t stomach eating any of this, is with supplements in the form of desiccated liver pills, spiralina capsules, and fish oil capsules or fermented fish oil.

First, Omega 3’s: It is suggested to take fish oil. If taking fish oil that is not fermented then it is suggested to also take a mixed E tocotrienols. If taking a fermented fish oil, then it is not necessary to take the mixed E. There are only a few places in North America that make fermented fish oil i.e. cod liver oil (the old fashioned stuff). You know the stuff mother’s tried to force their kids to take 60 or more years ago. I bought that, and I tried hard to learn to just take it. I mean, com’on, I only need take 2 grams of it daily. I invested $68 in a four month supply bottle. To my credit I did last a whole month. I’d shoot it with the dropper that came with it. But, its just disgusting! That leaves me with two solutions: Learn to like salmon, or take fish oil with the vitamin E. I opted for fish oil with vitamin E.

Second, Seaweed: Daily servings of seaweed, algae or spiralina powder are mandatory on Wahls levels II and III and with good reason. There are healing attributes for the brain and the thyroid. In short its a powerful source for iodine which acts as a natural metal toxin remover from the body. This is something that I really need to figure out a way that will be doable for me. I first bought spiralina capsules which worked out great, except they are pricey and money is an issue for me. I tried the loose powder because it is cheaper and I bought it in bulk, but its beyond disgusting, to me. I have a friend who has no problem hiding it in her smoothie, but to me, it just ruined my smoothie. Then, I tried to take both the fermented fish oil and the spiralina together in a shooter (shot of water mixed with 1/4 tsp spiralina and the 2 grams fermented fish oil. I lasted three weeks doing this. I think that this is what did it in for both of them for me. I bought some products to try to learn a way to eat seaweed. I bought SeaSnax, a dried kelp salty snack. I took one bite last night and to me its just hard spiralina, I don’t care how much salt and onion powder you put on it, that’s all I could taste. So, that was a disaster. I have algae noodles, which the package claims have a neutral flavor and therefore should take the flavor of whatever there tossed with. But, I am afraid to try them. What a baby I am turning out to be, jeesh, who knew?! Although, I think I should get an A for effort, as you can see, I am working hard to find a solution to this, because, I understand why its important. Medicine, I have a vision of my younger five year old brother with his mouth clamped tight refusing the teaspoon of cough medicine, spilling off the spoon, thereby making my mother swear up a storm. That’s my brother, that’s not me. And yet, look at me, its me.

Third and last, organ meat: My father was Italian, he’s deceased now since 1995, he was an old world eater and organ meat was an important part of his diet, it was food he relished. He ate cow’s tongue and head cheese (which is brain pieces suspended in a gelatin mass in the shape of cold cuts), the organs from a whole chicken, that my mother would throw away claiming that there were none. I have my mother’s disdain for organ meat. I settled on desiccated liver pills, which worked out well, but I ran out and can’t always replenish them due to lack of funds. Still working this out. Raw oysters can be eaten as an organ meat serving. Weirdly enough, I love raw oysters and have been eating them since my early 20’s after my friend dared me to eat one, we were drunk. Surprised me to learn that night that I love them. There is a restaurant in the neighborhood that has a special once a week on oysters and they even have the choice of west or east coast oysters, there is a big difference. I’m accustomed to east coast, the west coast oysters have a strong after taste that east coast don’t have. But, its still more than I can afford to do on a regular basis. For this month, I’ll be ordering desiccated liver pills. I’m thinking, it is only required that I consume 12 oz of organ meat per week. The suggested dose is four pills a day, I wonder if I could take four pills three times a week and have it be the same as three servings a week. That would stretch the supply out more than double, making them last longer and saving me money. I really can’t wait to begin making a pay check. However, it is important not to jump the gun on that and do it right, thereby giving me the best chance to succeed.

We’ll just keep a workin’ at’er.


Bonne Sante

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