Strange foods can make good bedfellows

Yesterday, I assessed my progress on the Protocol using a grading system. Today, I need to adjust my grade from a B to a B- because I forgot about Bone broth. Which I should be making from scratch using bones from pastured, free range, no hormones, no antibiotics animals to make this weekly and freeze in jars, to be consumed a cup a day, at least. Suffice it say that I have not done this, yet. I don’t own a crock pot, bone broth slow cooks for hours and hours. I need to get one. I did do one thing, I have powdered bone broth. It might not be ideal, but better than what I am doing, which is nothing. So, this will be added to my “get on it!” list. I have tried the powder in stir fry’s several times, very tasty, but have not tried it as a broth to drink yet. The powdered broth:

bone broth frontbroth

And, I went out and sought answers to the seaweed dilemma. I was going to buy capsules, but I just can’t afford them. 160 Hawaiian Spiralina capsules for $44, at four capsules a day, that’s only 40 days worth. I am trying these Kelp noodles, $8.00:

kelp noodleskelp back

And these snacks, $2.50:

onion kelponion kelp back

I bought one package, it says a package is one serving, but I think I can eat less than that to have my daily serving, maybe even four servings. I’ll let you know how these seaweed products go. I’ll be honest, the noodles scare me. I’m going to try the chicken stir fry this weekend and the seasnax tomorrow.

I received a wonderful affirmation to what I am doing on the Wahls Protocol this morning. I renewed my gym membership. I have a low income pass called Fair Entry that is automatically renewed annually because I am on disability. I learned today that it needed to be renewed. I explained, I’m on AISH, it should be automatic, which it was. The woman asked, “But your so fit? You look better than some born in 1975.” In between those two statements, I explained what I’m doing and where I started. I was born in November, 1962. What a nice thing to hear, six months ago no one batted an eye at my age and the “fit” comment, I’ve been getting a lot lately.

I’ve had lots of unusual visits with friends. Two of them, one from yesterday and one from today are healthy people who have been living and eating this way for years, and it shows. The other has just begun to learn four months ago. The conversations were having are so inspiring, learning from them, sharing what I’m learning. Two of these people haven’t seen me since before I started the Protocol. Both, last saw me with a walker. Gratitude, doesn’t begin to cover how I feel about all this. So, I gotta slurp down some seaweed noodles, I’ll experience a new food. Adventure, gotta keep my mind open.


Bonne Sante

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