Where am I coming up short on the Wahls Protocol and where I am doing well. I need to reflect on this often. This is medicine for me, so it is important for me to assess and reassess my progress implementing the protocol into my life. Am I still vigilant, am I slacking off. Where am I at with it.

Vegetables: I am doing well most days with my vegetables. I need to eat equal amounts of sulphers, colored, and greens. From there I need to vary them. Dr. Wahls suggests that we should be eating over 200 species over the course of a year. I vary them well, but I can get into a rut with that. For example, greens, I eat a lot of spinach and mixed greens. There’s a whole lot more. Sulphers, I think are most varied for what is available. Colors, medium. Next, how am I doing in regards to raw versus cooked. It is suggested on Wahls III level for nutritional Ketosis that more raw is better. I am doing well here, everyday, I have two servings of raw veggies, either in the form of a smoothie, salad or Cole slaw. Final word on veggies, organic vs not organic. I am doing as well as I can afford. I can’t go all organic, but what I do do is shop using the clean 15 list/dirty dozen. Good article with the list here on Global News: Global News 2017 clean 15/dirty dozen  Grade: A (increase varieties in some categories)

Proteins: I need between 6 to 12 oz per day. I just needed to make a readjustment here, I was eating the bare minimum and often less than that. It is suggested to eat clean meats, whole, no antibiotics, growth hormones, grass fed, free range. I do the best I can with what I can afford. I worked hard to source the best prices and quality. I buy wild caught fish, I should be eating mostly salmon and other oily fish varieties, however, not a big fan, I eat cod, shrimp and canned tuna several times a week. I need to revisit salmon and try to make a better effort. What I am doing right, I eat fish two to three times per week. When I started this, that number was zero. Grade B+  (better with the fish)

Fats: I have completely eliminated whole butter and vegetable oils. I use coconut oil, saturated fat like bacon drippings, ghee (clarified butter) and extra virgin olive oil for drizzling (not to be cooked with). What did need to be adjusted due to level III, was I wasn’t eating enough, I need to eat a lot of fat on this level. A+

Nuts and seeds: 4 oz a day. All nuts and seeds are included except peanuts. The other stipulation is that they be soaked on levels II and III. So, I’ve done good in that I have completely given up peanuts and peanut butter in favor of almonds, walnuts, cashews, macadamia nuts and butters made from almonds or cashews. I have flax seeds, chia seeds and sesame seeds. I soaked them once. Almonds. And they were fine, Soaked eight hours, dried on a towel, pan toasted, making them crispy again. Its the habit, I have not gotten myself dedicated to yet. On the list. C (need to commit to soaking)

Fermented foods: Suggestion is one serving a day. I am doing well here. Although, this one took me some time to understand. Per day I have one of the following a 1/2 cup Kombucca tea, homemade coconut milk yogurt, fermented pickles in brine, nutritional yeast in my smoothies or sprinkled over cooked food. If I run out of fermented foods (money issues) then I supplement with probiotics I only use for that, they last months that way (less expensive). A+

Organ meats: Technically listed in with proteins. Suggested amount is 12 oz a week. This has been a tough one for me. I tried them, my valiant try was liverwurst. Not much of a try if I am to be honest with myself. I settled on desiccated liver pills. I bought one bottle, lasted me two months. Ran out two months ago. Let that go over money. Eating it would be better and cheaper. This has to be worked on, because it is an important component. I am failing organic meat. F (Need to work harder at trying to learn to do this)

Seaweed/algae: Daily. I’ve worked on this. I bought Hawaiian Spiralina capsules to take with water. This worked out best for me. Something else, I am not a fan of eating. They are expensive, so I invested in loose Spiralina powder. That bag would’ve lasted months, but yick. Did not work for me, I’m looking to capsules or I may bring myself to try Nori snacks. Working on a solution. B (for on going effort to incorporate).

Excluded foods: Dairy, Gluten, and on level III all forms of sugar. I am doing great here, I am very strict with these. Sugar was hardest on coffee, which I love with lots of cream and sugar. I have learned to drink it black or with full fat coconut milk. Coconut milk is the only milk I can have on Level III. I’m doing well with that. I’m okay without Gluten. I eat cooked sweet potatoes that I should, technically twice a week with a lot of coconut oil, I eat them probably four times a week on average. I’m okay here. Otherwise, its all good. Although, I do miss bananas and sweet fruits. I can only have one cup of berries a day. I mostly miss the sweeter fruits in smoothies. I need to work on finding a better smoothie mix. The one I make isn’t far from green sludge. More research. B (I am not 100% compliant on on the occasional eating out situations, always compliant with Wahls, but, slack off a little on level III, maybe have a white potato, or forgive the fact that the oil is probably Canola oil and use it anyway on my salad).

Supplements: This is an area that I have had to work ridiculously hard to understand, source for quality and creatively figure out ways that I can purchase the most important ones, If I can adequately figure out what those are. I give myself an A+ for the constant hard work I put into this.

Water: I don’t drink enough, never have, old bad habit. I’m lucky if I drink three full glasses per day. Needs to be more. And it needs to be filtered. Which, I am not doing, yet. I need to invest in a filtering system of some kind. Its on the list. In the mean time, I am trying to talk myself into drinking tea later in the day and I can include the coffee, which I haven’t, I have one to two cups a day. D (increase and filter)

Natural products versus toxic: I am progressing here, slowly, but surely. I gave away my microwave (Wahls is against them). I am old enough to remember living very well I might add, without them. The transition was easier than I expected. I like the counter space it freed up. Got rid of Teflon pans and replaced them with ceramic and stainless steel. As used up the cleaning supplies and personal products, I have been replacing them with all natural. I can’t afford to through everything out I have and replace at once, this taken the last seven months to do, but I just about there. I switched to a fancy “all natural” toothpaste which has a ton of ingredients and is $8.00 a tube. Finished that off and am doing what Wahls suggested. I keep a jar of coconut oil next to a jar of baking soda. Next to these is a bottle of Peppermint essential oil. Drag brush in oil, then dip in baking soda  and a drop or two of Peppermint oil. That’s it. Its not bad. This is working well. This is the latest habit I incorporated. A

Electrical Stimulation and Physical Therapy: This is one that I have written a lot about as of late. I have worked on this since July. Long and short of it, I have the machine and am waiting for physical therapy paper work and bureaucracy to go through. Soon, I think, hopefully in the next three weeks. In the mean time, I have the machine and need to incorporate the habit of spending at least 20 minutes with a day. I have incorporated the three exercises into my workouts that are specifically for this. A (working hard on this)

Exercise: I workout four days a week, religiously. It wasn’t hard to talk me into this, I love to exercise. Its my anti depressant and I thoroughly enjoy it. I swim and circuit train. With that, I take walks. A+

Stress Relief: I am lucky here as well, I am already in the habit of meditation, group support, and working gratitude into my life daily and I have a personal relationship with a Higher Power that I rely on for strength and guidance. B+ (can always work at being better at this)

Further Detoxing: I take Epsom and sea salt baths and I use the steam room at the gym twice a week to help with this. B (not as vigilant as I should be)

Overall grade: I give myself an average B

I think, all considering, that that’s good. We’ll call this my mid term exam and revisit towards the end of my first year.


Bonne Sante


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