Mystery Solved

I have been plagued with sleepiness. I sleep a solid night and then sleep two hours more, and still don’t want to get out of bed. In the afternoon, I can barely keep my eyes open and have been sleeping up to two hours then too. This morning on my way to the gym, I was following asleep. This isn’t me. I finally set to work to trying to find an answer to this. I have no doubt it has something to do with the way I am eating. And it did. I posed a question on a forum, didn’t have answers there. I went on line and found this wonderful list of possible side effects from the Nutritional Ketosis diet, why and what to do about it.

Seven ways to fight fatigue on a low-carb diet

This article comes from a site called Low Carb Diet Support. I got down to a couple answers, the immediate one that I could do something about today was eat more food. I have not been eating enough, the bare minimum. And, even though, I feel like I’m eating a ton of fat, still not enough. This diet requires between 70 and 80% of calories be from fat, since this is what the body burns as energy. So, I upped my fat intake and ate an extra portion of protein. It says be sure to eat protein with each meal. I only eat two meals, so to fast between meals for optimal healing time while the body rests from the work of digestion, and the second meal, most of the time, I skip the protein. Its hard to eat when your not hungry, which happens with this diet. The other problem is money.  It is hard to do this with little money and stay on top of it. For example, I have money coming in Thursday, but have $1.30 in the bank right now. I have one more serving of greens. Supplements, I’ve been out of several of them. Q10 is an important one, so I will get that one squared away next month. I was taking liquid Magnesium Glycinate. The bottle is $40 and lasts only one month. Can’t afford it, but got some very good tips from this article I found online:

Magnesium Supplements: Different types and different benefits

I found this on a site called Organic Newsroom. Lengthy and redundant in sections, but worth the read. Learned a lot. I’m going to try Magnesium Malate, $15 at the Canadian Vitamin Shop, that’s for 100 100 mg caps. I would need to take 310 mg a day (minimum recommended daily amount for women). That’s mostly one bottle, however, $15 a month is better than $40. This is my compiled list of attributing factors and what to do about them:

  • Be sure to eat enough fat.
  • Be vigilant, be sure to eat protein at both meals.
  • Be creative. There’s not a lot I can do about the money situation at this precise minute, the plan is to work to be ready to work full time in five months. The answer to that is to use creative intelligence. Learn all I can, research other ways to get there. Which is what the above is an example of.
  • Be in the know with the supplements. Get on the right combination of supplements, and make it a priority to make sure they get paid for. What I mean by that, know what are most important for me and which ones should be let go of. I’m finding out the hard way that Magnesium and Q10 were not the ones to let go of.
  • Attitude, its a lot of work, but its a real adventure too. And, what I am learning about the human body is amazing.

I have an appointment with my Neurologist November 3rd. I left a message on his nurses answering machine about the AISH (disability) request for e-stim physio form. I let her know on the message that I will not be renewing my Copaxone. I thought to tell them in the office, but I think they have to put paperwork in order before hand for it to be renewed, which is the purpose of this visit. I don’t want to waste their time. And I requested to see my doctor himself, not one of the MS practicum doctors. I want to talk to him about my progress and that I want to try going to work full time. I am asking for support every where I can. My niece suggested career workshops and computer skill classes. I might consider that for Excel. Hate that program. I pick up programs easy, but that one, whereas I have no doubt I can learn it, I’m not interested in it. But, in looking over the job market, there is a consistent requirement to know Excel. So, OKAY, I’ll learn it. Ugh. And, I’ll learn it with a good ATTITUDE (remember, this one’s on the list above). I updated my resume today. That was big too.

Oh, and finally, it was the diet, I ate all that extra food today and it picked me up. Sleepiness is gone. Mystery solved.


Bonne Sante



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