“To float or not to float?”, I ask you.

A day in the life! Milestone today. I take two deep water aerobic classes with a flotation device and I swim alone twice a week and do laps, swim underwater and practice the exercises in the deep water class without the flotation device. Been doing that for the last two months. With my confidence bolstered by my walking improvement yesterday, I made the decision to try the class without a flotation device. One thing about it was that it was embarrassing, because no one takes the class without the float belt on. I felt a little (a lot) like I was showing off, but I knew that its the next step in challenging myself. I need stronger core exercises and doing this class like this forces me to rely harder on my core muscles, which is exactly what happened. And, I did get a lot of attention, which I really didn’t want, but I took it in good humor and made jokes. What was funny, as one woman floated by, she said, “I know CPR.” That struck me funny. After all the initial, ‘Are are you wearing a different belt (I wear a yellow one, my bathing suit is blue)?” “Without a belt?!” “Your very brave.” “Your very low in the water, are you wearing your belt?” and several more. But, my favorite definitely was, “I know CPR.” LOL!

I lasted a strong 30 minutes. What stopped me more than anything else was, God damn it, the carpal tunnel in my left wrist. My pointer finger and thumb went completely numb from the non stop extra sculling I had to do with my hands.  I had carpal tunnel on my right wrist about two months ago and needed to schedule the left. But, the first surgery took so much out of me, I didn’t want to do it again. But, today proved to me, that I do need to have it done. Good news is, my right and dominate hand, which was the worse, was fine. So, the surgery did do its job. The surgeon gave me a year to schedule the left, I’m thinking after I finish my physio, if it ever gets started. Waiting on my neurologist to fill out his form. I need to call his office and ask the nurse about it tomorrow. This is the physio for e-stim and gait strengthening exercises for my left leg.

Finally, I am going to an all day workshop on Saturday that includes a lunch. Finally got the skinny on that and its lasagna. So, will definitely have to bring a salad. Which will be odd, because I will be the only one doing that and then will need to explain it. I’m searching for the most concise way to say it, “I’m on a special diet for MS.” “I’m on a diet.” “I’m on a special diet for health reasons.” or simply just, “No choice.” Yeah, I like that one.


Bonne Sante


Picture from Pexels: https://www.pexels.com/photo/summer-abstract-swimming-pool-61136/

2 thoughts on ““To float or not to float?”, I ask you.

  1. No float, hurrah! I hear you about the lasagna. When I’m in that situation I try to be gracious like you, but inside I’m really thinking, “I used to eat a lot of lasagna until all that wheat and dairy made me sick! Thanks be for the Wahls Protocol.”

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