Depression is something that effects me from time to time. It has been a life time issue, some for situational reasons and other because I have a depressive personality. I have learned to be upbeat most of the time, however, depression can still creep in. Over the years, I’ve learned to deal with low moods with exercise, practicing gratitude, talking about it or about the issues at the root of it, situational or otherwise, and I have a Higher Power that I rely on for strength and guidance. Interesting is Dr. Cicero Coimbra’s theory that problems with depression can be a sign of a compromised immune system. I have to agree with him, because the other symptoms he indicated were equally true in my case. Dr. Coimbra is a neurologist from Brazil who treats MS successfully using high doses of Vitamin D that must be supervised under a Coimbra Protocol trained health professional. This is the document I learned of his theory that has the symptoms indicative of a compromised immune system:

Most of the time I am a good housekeeper. I was not raised that way, I learned in adulthood. When things get busy and my energy must go into a different direction, the housework takes a hit. When this happens, I don’t want to be home. I stay organized, but washing windows, dusting and heavy cleaning jobs don’t happen. This might sound ridiculous, but I had to follow the directions in a book to learn to clean my home. I couldn’t get a handle on it till I read this in 1993: Sidetracked Home Executives from pigpen to paradise  This book was written by two women who had the same problem and came up with an efficient, time minimizing plan to keep a home orderly that included a daily, weekly, monthly, bi-annual and annual schedule using a file system. It took me three years off and on, but I learned. I get “sidetracked” when I forgo this, then I forgo that, before I know it, I’m out of some of the very good habits I forged with this book. A clean house makes me feel energized, it too is one of those paradoxes, I’m tired, but exercise makes me feel energized, I’m tired and uninterested, but cleaning my house makes me feel energized and interested in my abode. Now obviously, this makes a difference on what one can do based on their level of disability. That’s a whole other issue. I’m speaking of this from the standpoint of depression. For me, a clean house can pull me out of the dregs of a low mood. It is the combination of it all, talking, exercising, practicing gratitude, keeping my home clean, fresh and organized and asking God for help with all of the above.

I think tomorrow I’ll talk about “practicing gratitude”, why do I say it that way, why not just say “gratitude”? There is a reason for that. There, all this talking (friends and the blog), I feel better already! Tomorrow, I will tackle housework!


Bonne Sante


Picture from Pexels


3 thoughts on “Depression

  1. Depression is something that is so hard to deal with! I have spent my life so far always trying to help someone that is depressed. My mother had issues my entire life and now my husband is having them as well. After always trying to help others, I find that I have my own depression issues. Thank you for sharing the information in your post! You provided some really great information! Take care!


    1. It is hard to deal with, I found answers to it because of a different illness I have. I choose not to use antidepressants, but this is a personal choice each person makes for themselves. These days, I’m out of depression more than in. When I am, those listed coping methods pull me out. I’m not depressed most of the time, because I practice them most days and that keeps me. Many blessings for you and your family


      1. That is great that you are out of depression more than in it! I have issues with antidepressants. My doctor ordered them for me, but it was to help pain. I refuse to take them. Antidepressants have SO many side effects that have made so people worse. It is great you have coping methods you use. My coping methods are: writing, reading and the unhealthy one of hiding the way I feel. But, I am working on that last one! Take care and thank you for your comment!


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