Building my Roman Empire one brick at a time.

I took the plunge and sent for my college transcripts today. This is a big one for me. I was working towards a Bachelors and was halfway thru when forced to drop out over an attack. A lot of losses over that attack. This one was a goal that was at one time in my life, unreachable. A story like some, parents divorce, move from the country to the projects during turbulent and violent times. I went from straight A’s to straight F’s, was suspended six times, missed 83 days of school (mostly due to skipping), put on probation for truancy and sent to a school program for troubled girls. That was the 7th grade. Finally expelled even from the pared down school for non-attendance on account of having run away to Florida from Massachusetts. I am self taught over the years, computers, general history, speech, letter writing, typing, presentations, grant writing, more. I am and have always been an avid learner, skipping school to hang out at the city public library. However, I was no angel either, drugs and alcohol were the main problem. I’ve been sober since 1991, 28 years old then.

The college doors opened up for me, or I overcame my fear of it, whichever way you’d like to see it at age 42. I took and passed my G.E.D. without the need to study in 1996, this was now 2005. I had become temporarily disabled due to a severe compression in my neck, because of that they discovered I also had MS, two lesions. I took that time to reassess job options and settled for college. I was working towards a Bachelors in Business with a Minor in Writing. This degree would back up fifteen years of organizing successful non-profit events. I completed 64 credits, most of my classes were 4.0 GPA’s. Then an attack that caused 18 lesions in the cognitive section of my brain forced me to quit. At the same time, I was forced to quit the part time job I had, which caused me to not be able to make my car payments or keep my home. I was a single parent with an eight year old and a seventeen year old, sick and facing homelessness, other’s had to take charge of my children. Thank God for my daughter’s father for taking her in and doing a fine job raising her and my sons athletic instructor taking him in and seeing him through a major surgery at that time that he had been prepped for since he was nine years old. I had no choice but to declare Bankruptcy, personal and with the government for my student loans. I was forgiven for both. The government ones are almost impossible to get and because of my then debilitating medical situation, I was approved the first time around.

For the first time since 2009, I feel like working and goals, such as this, are again a real possibility for me. I’ve made my intentions known to my disability worker and have begun preparations. One of which are my college transcripts. The unknown is will they let me have them. I’ll let you know how that goes. This preparation I am speaking of will take me roughly four to five months. My hope is to begin working in six months. In the mean time, I am almost approved for ten weeks of physical therapy for my drop foot! I am working on my walking everyday, I am doing the assigned three exercises for my hip flexor. I hate them, they hurt, but, I say to myself, “This will help you get better, one more.” The instruction is three sets of ten. I’m at one set of five and a second set of two. However, this is the beginning that will get better if I keep it up and do my part. After the exercises, I then spend about 20 minutes contracting and relaxing my effected hip flexor muscle with the e-stim electrodes which are conducting electricity to move the muscle in waves. I flex with the wave of electricity.

I am building my Roman Empire one day at a time. “Anything’s possible!”, said the woman with hopeless MS! Can you believe it?!


Bonne Sante


Picture from Pexels


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