Minding your mitochondria – Dr. Terry Wahls Ted talk

This is interesting, of course the talk is interesting, its 17 minutes and 46 seconds, brief, powerful and she’s living proof. This was 2011, since then there’s many more living proof individuals walking, get it walking, around out there because of this “controversial” personal narrative. What I found particularly entertaining about this talk are the comments over the years due to a cautionary disclaimer from Ted X across the screen, which you will need to click the x on the warning to remove to watch the talk with out their banner across it. If I am understanding it correctly, and please do correct me if I am ever wrong, Ted X placed the banner in lieu of removing the talk from YouTube, but there was an uproar of disagreement about them doing that, and so, instead they kept it up and splashed this ridiculous banner on it instead.

See for yourself, I would suggest checking out Tedmed’s partners, three of which are pharmaceutical companies. I found this information on Tedmed’s website under the heading, “Partners.” I then googled each of the partners to see what they were. Some were obvious, such as the AMA (American Medical Association), these were the three that are drug companies: Astellas Pharma in Tokyo under Global Partners and under the heading Innovation Partners are Novartis and Regeneron.

Here is Dr. Terry Wahls talk: Minding Your Mitochondria:

Dr. Terry Wahls Tedx talk

Warning: The Tedmed “warning” banners will reappear forcing to again x them out repeatedly. Of course, I encourage you to read their disclaimer and “more”. And I encourage you to then watch the next video they make a point of following Dr. Wahls talk, “Debunking the Palio Diet.” I also encourage you to read the following comments under Dr. Wahls talk and to join this Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wahlsprotocol/

It is a closed group, therefore you will need to request permission to join. If you want to know if this works, listen to the members who are serious about adhering to the suggested diet and lifestyle and watch and hear their triumphs against what was once impossible for them.

What is my motive tonight, I’ll be honest, I was tired, long day, lovely dinner for Canadian Thanksgiving. I was looking to put together an easy blog. I have not watched Dr. Terry Wahls famous Tedx talk, Minding your Mitochondria. The plan was to simply put up the link to the talk. I was going to watch it tomorrow. I had no doubt it was good, as I had seen other talks and have seen Dr. Wahls in person here in Calgary. I’d heard of “the Ted talk”. What I did not expect were the disclaimer banners, and the intent to pull the talk, but then the banners went up when an uproar over them pulling this stopped them. I began researching the situation, reading the comments, reading the Tedmed website and exploring their partners. I have not watched the following talk, “Debunking the Palio Diet.” only because I am too tired and must put this to rest and go to bed, but I promise, I will watch it tomorrow. Finally, if you haven’t done so already, read what has happened to me in six short months on the Wahls Protocol under my blog page: Monthly symptom changes. Okay, bed.


Bonne Sante


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