Sleep, sleep, sleep and sleep some more!

Nutritional Ketosis and sleeping. I haven’t slept this much since I was a teenager! Recap, I started Dr. Wahls Protocol Level III Paleo Plus which is, nutritional Ketosis, about three months ago. I successfully transitioned into Ketosis for about six weeks, then had carpal tunnel surgery and went to a convention and had a brief financial crisis, all of which threw me out of Ketosis. As soon as the issues settled, roughly three weeks later, I got right back into Ketosis. It being a physical process to adjust into nutritional Ketosis, this would be the second time that I am experiencing this in three months. It takes up to 30 days to adjust. Starting with the Ketosis flu in the first week where your body takes a hit to its electrolytes (sodium, potassium and magnesium) requiring an increase in foods such as almonds, spinach, fish, avocados and sea salt. I supplement magnesium as well. After that subsides, I get the sleepy’s for about three weeks, at the same time, I also have an increase in energy. Before I get used to it, I end up talking like someone on speed. Now that is finally subsiding and my talking, while at times still pressured, isn’t constant as it was, so, getting better. But, the sleeping has heightened. I slept from 8 pm till 7 am last night, solid. With that sleep were two hour naps yesterday afternoon and today. On average over the last twenty years, I sleep six to seven hours a night and almost never take a nap. I don’t like naps, because my sleep at night is restless without the nap, with a nap, I can’t sleep at all. Literally, I am sleeping like a teenager. This is the second time through this, so I do know that it is my body readjusting to Ketosis in the exact same way it did the first time and, thankfully its almost over. I just need to stick it through. I did some reading online and found this article about adjusting to Nutritional Ketosis that I thought was well outlined and informative:

Canadian Thanksgiving is this Monday. Its always been a strange day for me. I was born and raised in the US and am accustomed to Thanksgiving on a Thursday in November. Even though I have lived between the two countries since 1998, I still feel that way. In Quebec and New Brunswick I celebrated both. We had Canadian Thanksgiving at either a friend’s or Canadian families home and in November, I kept the kids home from school and invited the friends and Canadian family over our house for dinner and made phone calls home to the US. That was fun. However, I’ve lost touch with cooking for others, thank you MS. Not because of this diet, due to past lack of energy increasing over the years, making holidays a real drag. I have been invited to two friends homes this Monday, but am still on the fence about it. Part of me wants to go and a part of me wants to stay home and get stuff done. I am grateful to have been invited and thought of and so will probably go to the first that invited me. They even offered to clarify the butter for the meal. How thoughtful is that. I offered to bring Ghee with me if I go.

It is a day of gratitude, gratitude is something I work very hard to find in my life everyday. So, in the spirit of gratitude, I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving Day today and every day!


Bonne Sante



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