Late Night

I exercised this morning and while I was there I stopped into the physio place to see how the process of approval was coming. Good news is two people are working very hard to help me get this covered. The woman at the physio office and my disability worker. That feels good. She said if approved, then it will be physio once a week for ten weeks with the goal to strengthen the muscles around my hip flexor and improve my gait and balance. I was excited to hear that, I thought the best I could hope for was a couple visits to learn the machine, but this is infinitely what I really need. Apparently, getting this covered is tricky. Which as I said yesterday or the day before, is ridiculous. But it is what it is. Wait and see is all I can do now.

I used the e-stim machine for the first time last night. I spent roughly 20 minutes contracting the muscles around the hip flexor while on my back. Then 20 minutes doing the three exercises given me by the physio while using the machine. I’m not sure if I have the electrodes in the right places. The physiotherapist demonstrated on my forearm, but pointed to the region where I would put the electrodes. I just don’t remember. I will try various spots and ask, hopefully, the next time I see him.

I went grocery shopping late today and so dinner was late, 7:30. No desire to cook. I had one cup of sulpher veggies to consume and one cup of colored. I was all set with protein, and still had up to 4 ounces of seeds and nuts I could have. I hadn’t had my chocolate yet today nor my fermented serving. So, I feasted on snacks. I found these crackers made from sprouted seeds, nuts and olives. Had some of those waiting for the cab home. At home after putting groceries away, I relaxed and watched That 70’s Show and ate garlic stuffed olives. These took care of the one cup colored (olives) and the sulpher (garlic). I had 2 squares 85% dark chocolate with a tablespoon of almond butter and drank Kombucca tea. I feel so spoiled. And its all Wahls Level III compliant.

Tomorrow morning, I’m off to the gym, then having lunch with my son. Psyched. Its been a busy week and a very productive one. As long as I keep it in the day and handle only what is at hand, I can do this. I’m ready for sleep, up early. That’s one thing about this Nutritional Ketosis level III. Sleep is wonderful. I am full of energy when awake, but when its time for sleep, I’m out and its a solid sleep. I am sleeping around eight hours a night with an hour nap in the afternoon. Before I was lucky if I got six fitful hours total with no nap during the day. I find on this level, I need and want the extra sleep. Healthy sleep…..its been a long, long time.


Bonne Sante


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