First, exciting news about Living Proof for everyone waiting to see the film. At the Q and A following the film last night, Matt Embry confirmed that Living Proof does have a definite major carrier (cannot be announced yet) and the film will be available eventually on DVD, these were answer’s to questions asked last night. After which, the emcee from the Calgary Film Festival, in regards to when will the film be available, quipped something like this, “Let the man get a night of sleep, first.” That got a laugh. Like a very good movie, seeing the film a second time, I saw details I hadn’t taken in the first time that made the documentary even better. I am making a very big deal out of this film because it packs a wallop and it effectively calls a spade a spade! It is direly needed and it will make headway. Finally, the Calgary Film Festival has an award for Audience Favourites of which, as of now, Living Proof is second place in the documentary category! There were some final showings of other films today. They will make announcements tonight at the festival Award’s Party for each category.

As for me, I’m a little overwhelmed. I’m having the speed problem again. My brain is fired up and going a mile a minute, so is my mouth. Can’t shut up. I love the energy, just mad at myself that I’m going through this twice. I wrote about this a ways back as I adjusted to being in Ketosis and it was subsiding and I was adjusting, then, as I’ve written, due to the complicated events over the course of three weeks, I was not able to stay strict ONLY with Wahls Paleo Plus level III, I didn’t leave the diet, only the Ketosis. Can’t let that happen again, because your body goes through quite a transformation as it settles into Ketosis. It can’t be good, to be in and out of Ketosis like that. Plus, this speedy crap sucks! I feel like I am most probably driving everyone around me nuts. But, they love me and have graciously demonstrated support in a hundred different ways. I’m so grateful to everyone. I’ll be honest (because I promised to), I began writing that sentence and I burst into tears, that took me by surprise.

I thought about working today. Honestly, I think about working everyday. I am beginning to put a toe in the water, just to begin getting this and that in place. I looked up how to get my college transcripts today. I’ll apply for it next week, there is a complicated situation there that I will tell you about another day. I looked up jobs in Calgary, just to get a feel for what that is looking like. And, I took out my resume, to begin to think about how best to update it. That’s three big steps. Of course this morning, when I had tons more energy, I was ready to start working today. Then tonight, I realize, each step has its own merit and builds on the one before. T-I-M-E I want to succeed and that means carefully doing this in a timely manner and thinking it through to be sure I don’t jump at it and end up somewhere I can’t handle. The feeling of “chomping at the bit” is building. That’s a good thing, I am a go-getter, but I could easily screw this up if I grab for the ring too fast.


Patience……Good things come to those who wait!


Bonne Sante


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