Moving forward, onward and upwards!

Yes! An appointment is had! I start physio for electrical muscle stimulation (e-stim) Tuesday. I am so very excited to finally get this started. For those who haven’t followed other blogs I’ve posted about e-stim. E-stim uses a machine (like TENS, but stronger) that introduces a pulsing electric shock via sticky electrode pads deep into the atrophied muscle causing it to move. Dr. Wahls used e-stim one hour a day for three years on her most effected area’s, her lower back and her left drop foot to great success. In other words, this is not a quick fix and requires a disciplined daily dedication and commitment. Along with that are exercises specific for building flexibility and strength into these long not used muscles. Exercise wise, I have guessed at some, but a physical therapist will be able to show me specific to my particular damage exercises and show exactly where to place the electrodes. I was told today that I have five PT sessions covered by Alberta Health Services and if they feel I should have more, they will submit the necessary paperwork to AISH (Alberta Disability). Thank you for taking the bureaucracy away from me! And thank you AISH for covering the expense of the machine. According to all that I’ve read, you don’t use the machine while exercising. The complimenting exercises are done with your regular workout routine or whenever, at home or at the gym.




Its funny, I tell people, like the woman making my appointment today, that I was on a walker six months ago and just got off my cane four weeks ago because of a diet lifestyle not drugs. I have a polite, “Oh that’s nice.” But, I don’t think it registers that I have MS and my damage is reversing not progressing. On the other hand, anyone who knows me well and has seen me struggle with this disease and get progressively worse, they do get it. Well, moving forward, onward and upwards!


Bonne Sante


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