Tick, tick, tick, read!

Update on where I am at on the Wahls Paleo Plus, level III (Nutritional Ketosis). I had mentioned a few days ago of having a very hungry day, which told me that I was out of Ketosis and I was right, I was. I think what did it this time was a breakfast out that included sausage, something I don’t order, because most sausage has gluten in it and so ordinarily, I avoid it and order bacon. That has to be it. Anyway, I’m back in. I use keytone strips to test for ketones in the morning, but have had to ration them out because they are out of stock at my pharmacy for a few months. I have two left. I am also trying to learn to feel when I am in or out of Ketosis. Hunger is a tell tale sign, I am not hungry when in Ketosis. I also find that I need more sleep on Ketosis and paradoxically, I have bursts of energy and a clearer mind. I have found that my healing progress amps up as well.

On the financial front. I had to scale way back on supplements and better foods, at least for this month. I did put myself in the hole when I invested too much at once for supplements suggested for this diet and got mad and celebrated my five months on the Wahls Protocol with the purchase of a $109.00 ticket to see a Yes concert. A move that I still don’t regret. I am prepared to get back in line next month. I am on disability, it is going to be a while before I strike out and test the employment waters, but, I have more rehabilitation to do before I will try that. This is more for my ears than anyone else. I am always tempted to jump the gun, but know that that is folly. March is my target date for this experiment. Next in line, as I have been saying is e-stim. I need to work on climbing steps. I am going to the Southland Leisure Centre tomorrow morning and will make an appointment with the physical therapy place tomorrow.

I am beginning to practice reading novels. I once ripped through books, loved reading. But, I gradually found reading to be arduous, and after a time, just didn’t try anymore. This has been like this for years. It isn’t that I can’t comprehend the words, it fatigues me to read. Its different somehow to read in a reference manner or to write. Must be a different part of the brain. But, to sit down and read a novel, sad. A friend loaned me “All The Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr, a Pulitzer Prize winning book. I will admit that I have had the book for two weeks without touching it, but tonight, I took the book and read four pages. Not a big start, but a start. What I’m looking for, is to see if the book will grip me into reading in a voracious manner, in the way I once would have. Tick, tick, tick….tell you how that goes.


Bonne Sante

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