Bureaucracy! Erg!

I think I have unnecessarily complicated what I need for physical therapy. I simply need someone to help me with the machine and show me where to put the electrodes to work the correct muscles most atrophied from my particular damage. Its not that complicated. But, it is becoming complicated and I am not sure why that is. I had months of physical therapy through the MS clinics. I had therapy with Occupational Therapists for the cognitive problems I have, I saw a physical therapist three years ago, I counseled with an MS therapist and social workers to help with the challenges and losses associated with an illness of this magnitude. This is very simple compared to all of that. For those, I didn’t need to do a thing, but follow direction and show up at the appointments. I think I am part of the problem. The first physical therapy place I spoke with told me that it was not necessary to contact AISH that they would deal with that. Someone else said, “Oh, I get permission first.” Then I saw this perfect fit, it seemed for me, rehabilitation center. And now its necessary for me to have a consultation, diagnosis, visit, frequency, duration, expected outcome. I have a prescription from my Neurologist which states: Dx (Diagnosis) – Multiple Sclerosis. Physio to A+T Left Leg.    Ugh! What is so complicated about this.

The Center I petitioned for help from said today, they could not front a consultation with the promise of AISH paying for it later. The consult is $157.00 plus $200.00 to do the paperwork for AISH. I have decided to just go to one of the regular physical therapy places and make an appointment and let them deal with this. Because this is ridiculous. From what I understand, I have up to five physical therapy sessions that Alberta Health will cover for me annually. These, I’ve never used. So, why is this such a complicated deal. Bureaucracy! Erg!

I stopped taking $18,000 worth of Copaxone annually because I don’t think its warranted with this diet far surpassing anything claimed that Copaxone can do. Even if it does do the best they say it can do, which is reduce the possibilities of future attacks by 30%. It doesn’t come close to what this is doing for me. I’m off a cane I’ve relied on constantly for four years. I had my workout this morning. The ladies at the pool haven’t seen me in two weeks due to the carpal tunnel operation. And in just two weeks, they see strides I’ve made in my walking and my energy levels. Several commented on it including the teacher of the class. Why isn’t this front page news. I think it weird. I’ll call the elephant in the room, it is weird. I am in contact with people all over the world who are having and have had the same results as me. I feel like were this underground network that must remain out of the public eye. Oh well, three weeks ago I had a cane and now I don’t. I told the center I petitioned about Living Proof, they didn’t have time to talk, I understand that. I hope practitioners take the time to see this documentary, I think anyone on the front lines should see it. Were lucky we have it in Calgary. A lot of people around the world are waiting for the chance to see it. They’ll have to wait for a DVD. I’m blessed, I have a ticket. Can’t wait!

Forgive my rant, I’m frustrated today. But, I will get over it, calm down and put my nose back to the grind wheel and keep it simple (something I have a hard time with).


Bonne Sante

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