In the hands of the Universe!

Hungry, hungry, hungry today. I must be out of ketosis. I had to take some liberties over the convention weekend, not breaking the overall protocol, just level III. I haven’t checked my keytone levels yet. I’ll do that tomorrow morning. This I do know. I don’t experience hunger when I am in ketosis. I must be out of it. I did eat the correct foods yesterday and today. I had a big dinner tonight. I gave myself an extra serving of color and a little more protein then the 6 oz’s I usually have, still within what is allowed, just more. I feel sated, finally. Hopefully, I won’t be feeling this way tomorrow. Hey, speaking of tomorrow, this is my first day back to my normal workout routine! I will be taking my deep water aerobic class and lifting weights with both wrists. My carpal tunnel surgery has healed well. I am psyched!

In regards to e-stim (electrical muscle stimulation), I left a second message with my AISH (disability) worker today, who did call me soon after. She said she didn’t get the first call. She told me that I need to get a lot of information that really only can be had with an initial consultation with the rehabilitation place that I want to go to start me on e-stim and she needs the prescription from my Neurologist for rehab for my left drop foot leg. I did send the prescription, they were moving the office to another location at that time, so not surprised she doesn’t have it. I still do, I will send it with the consultation, on the other hand, I think the consultation would be sent via fax directly from their office. I’ll figure this out as I go. The Power’s that Be will guide the way. I called the Synaptic Spinal Cord Injury and Neuro Rehabilitation Centre (SSCINC) and asked if they could do this without a consultation, which, of course, I knew they wouldn’t be able to. It is a 90 minute consult that will cost $157.00. There is no way that I can pay that in the financial shape I am in at this present time as all my money goes for the food and supplements that I need and I am short, leaving me struggling at months end. I pick and choose supplements, as I cannot afford them all and I pick and choose organic and grass fed vegetables and meats according to what I can afford that week.

I explained to SSCINR how the Access vehicle pulled up in front of their place to pick up someone. When I read the name of the building, I got excited. I thought, “This is it!” The driver told me that it was new. We were 20 minutes early (unusual), I was invited by the driver to go in and speak with them. I had already spoken to two physical therapy places and my own MS clinic’s physical therapist (PT) and none of them knew about the Dr. Wahls Protocol and all required explaining about e-stim. Although, the MS PT helped me find a machine to buy. With AISH support, I now have it in my possession. This Rehabilitation Centre, knew exactly what I was talking about with just half a sentence about it out of my mouth. Their answer, “That’s what were experts at.” I reached for their business card and then spied a business card for a nutritionist (they have a nutritionist onsite!). I asked if they knew what the Wahls Protocol is and she said, “Yes, the nutritionist is well familiar with it.” This is the place that is best suited for my damage and for what I am successfully following. The PT who can make decisions of this nature about my case will get back to me next week, probably Monday. I gave them the address to my Blog.

I’ve put my plea out to the Universe, we’ll wait and see what comes back.

“Have no expectations, you’ll have no disappointments and everything you receive is a gift.” – Betsy A.

And, all that I have received following the Wahls Protocol thus far, has far exceeded my wildest imagination!


Bonne Sante


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