Dance, does a body good!

Laundry, sweeping, mopping, dishes, cooking, organizing, writing, talking and dancing. These are the activities that filled my day. I’m excited that I could do all these household chores in one day, not a possibility not very long ago, but its the dancing that excited me the most. I love to dance. I am one of these people who goes out on a dance floor and stays there the entire night, but not in the last eight years. I was an athletic dancer and acrobat by trade when young and have had a lifetime love of music, especially live music and express this with dance. I have gone to a few events that involved dance in the last four years, but only danced one or two songs, barely able to move or keep my balance and embarrassed, quit. Today, I played the Foo Fighters on YouTube and had a blast, by myself. Of course I’m no where near what I once could do, lets face it, I’m 54. But, I had fun, I kept my energy up for 20 minutes and I jumped repeatedly, both feet off the floor in sustained motion for one whole minute! I can’t lift my left foot up like that. It hasn’t worked in years. And there I was today, jumping. Granted, only a few inches off the floor, but I was doing it! This is an outlet that I have sorely missed. A sadness to not have this ability anymore to enjoy a song to a bodies fullest extent. For me, its an expression of my soul. A couple of months into the Wahls Protocol, I was able for the first time, to jump once with both feet one inch off the floor. Today, four months after that, it was over and over again and higher. Big improvement. Time for E-stim!

E-Stim (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), I am anxiously waiting to begin this. I have a call into my AISH (disability worker) to have written verification sent to a neurological rehabilitation Center, after which, I can make an appointment with them and begin this next leg of my rehabilitation (pun intended). I’ll put in a follow up call as I had made that call last week sometime and haven’t heard yet. I think that’s enough time to make a second call. I am my own advocate. If I don’t advocate for myself, who else will. Part of that is being a pain and calling repeatedly if I have to while remembering that, any and all rehabilitation takes me that much closer to a possibility of re-employment and an independent future. For now, I think I will dance for twenty minutes everyday.


Bonne Sante


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