Busy Day

Busy day today. I did nothing yesterday after returning from the Convention, but write my blog. Today was a catch up day. I got shopping done and errands completed. Wrote my report on the convention and sent necessary emails. My blog is the last thing I must do today, then its chill the rest of the evening. Yay! I’m going to find a good movie and let myself travel to far off places or romances or dramas or suspense or…..well you get it. Not sure exactly what I’m in the mood for. But, that’s the overall plan. Me and my poor traumatized kitty, who spent two nights alone and is Velcro’d to my leg right now, hanging out on the couch……not eating popcorn : (           Now that I do miss!  I am going to fry up some almonds in bacon grease and then pour salt on them. Believe it or not, I can have this, however roasting nuts is frowned on, can’t remember why, but I am going to do this, yup.

Okay, I promised the other day that I would continue my discussion on MS drugs and my poor friend who passed away from Progressive MS at a very young age. If you did not read this blog, here is the link: https://defeatingms.blog/2017/09/14/milestones-milestones-and-more-milestones/   I suggest reading this first, specifically paragraphs three and four, if you haven’t done so.

I got my dates wrong of my time with her, it was 1993 to 1998 (her death). I have read research reports about Copaxone slowing down attacks in comparison to a placebo group. The wording of which, I personally find vague at best, although, Dr. Jelineks of Overcoming MS does say that of all the drugs out there for MS, that Copaxone, in his opinion, is the only one that has been proven to work at all. Dr. Jelinek is a research scientist who has done a lot of research into treatment for MS with his trained and learned mind. My opinions on the other hand are made with an untrained and unlearned mind in the ways of reading and comprehending research reports. As always, I heartily encourage everyone to read and research information for themselves. My opinion is based on reading the research information that came with my drug when I was first put on it in 2010 and from reading online scholarly reports (yes, that I do know how to do, these were reputable sites, I use Google Scholar and pay attention to where the reports are coming from). However, I did not spend a lot of time reading various reports and comparing findings, which is why I say, look into it, these are my feelings about this and they are more based on my personal experience taking Copaxone and its lack of stopping MS attacks from happening in comparison to the Protocol successfully putting me into remission and cleaning up the last attack and currently it is healing older damage. I chose to stop taking Copaxone based on this truth. But, it is my personal experience.

However, keep this in mind. I find it convenient for the drug companies to say that the drugs will not work for Progressive patients given the fact that what the drugs do is slow down the possibility of future attacks by various percentages, depending on which drug it is. Because if it were recommended for people with Progressive MS, who have non stop damage accumulating in comparison to Relapsing Remitting MS patients, who have an attack followed by a remission for unspecified times, which are by all accounts impossible to predict the pace of time, frequency, and duration of attack or remission periods, and when, on the drug, the Progressive’s attacks did not slow down in anyway, then that would prove that the drugs do not work, wouldn’t it? I guess its just easier to say that the drugs won’t work for those suffering Progressive.  I have searched for a good reason why this is and I haven’t personally seen an explanation that satisfies me. But, then again, this is my unlearned, untrained in reading reports mind surmising this.

This is what I do wish. I wish I knew about these Protocols when my friend was still alive. Because she was the disciplined sort who would’ve followed it to a tee and maybe, she’d still be here having coffee with me right now, talking animatedly about her grown son’s life.

F@#k the drug companies!


Bonne Sante


Picture taken from Pexels: https://www.pexels.com/photo/addiction-aid-bottle-capsule-356054/


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