To do hotel conventions or to not do hotel conventions!

I attended an election assembly of a non profit I have been a member of for 27 years this past weekend. I have not been involved in this level since an attack I had in 2009. This was my first attendance since that. The fact that I could go at all is extraordinary. It was a stretch for me though. Being an election year it was arduous. I was involved in a presentation and I had a close friend vying for a position. My plan was to be there for these two things, then retire to my room for two hours and rest before the Banquet. That did not happen. The election wore on till 6 pm. The presentations fit in between voting and during the counting of the ballots. I huffed a lot, I was hurting and I forced myself to stay. I fell asleep during an engaging and exciting keynote speaker and finally dragged myself off to my room. I’m home today at 2 pm and did not move till 7 pm. The other challenge was my room was as far as you can get to the conference rooms and so were the bathrooms. This required a lot of walking. Sometimes this was okay, but once fatigued, a real challenge. Makes me wonder if I am realistic in thinking that I will ever be able to work a full time job. On the other hand, I did stick it out, I did do the presentation and vote for my friend who was one of seven people standing for the position. He won and our presentation won our city a convention to be held in 2020. I met wonderful people and felt an increased sense of purpose. However, it is too much for me. My head was buzzing so bad (cognitive damage) halfway thru the elections and nerves raw over our somewhat complicated presentation being pushed back, pushed back and pushed back was way too much for me. I cannot handle a situation where I have no control over my schedule within it. So, no more volunteering for me at this level. I was asked to join a committee I have a great deal of experience in, I declined, but excepted a role as consultant. To be helpful is my goal while still respecting my limitations. And if that proves to be more than I can handle, then its back to keeping it simple.

I feel better, I am off my cane. I can’t tell you how happy I am to not constantly have my right hand holding a cane everywhere I go. To have two free hands when I walk is exciting. Now that is a hell of a milestone! So what if I couldn’t keep up with a tight business schedule. I can walk without a cane. Meals were tricky, I packed only a can of coconut milk, a jar of almond butter, a bar of 90% dark chocolate and a bag of almonds. I wanted to make salads and cook meals as the hotel room had a fridge and a microwave. But, I didn’t have the energy to deal with that, especially with the feeling of packing and thinking of bringing what I needed for the presentation, foods to bring, meal schedules, clothes, swim or not swim, outfits for this and that, ugh! I gave up on preparing meals. To hell with, sometimes you just need someone to cook for you. I got by okay. I used the coconut milk for my coffee in the hotel room. I ordered a steak sandwich without the bread and a salad instead of fries. The gave me a teeny tiny salad. I relied on almonds after to shut my stomach up, that was not enough food. I broke my fast with a breakfast at 11 am of poached eggs, potatoes with peppers and onions and bacon. The potatoes are okay on levels I and II, but not on III. I’m guessing I’m out of ketosis, but you never know. The banquet was a life saver for me, it had lots of veggies and I loaded my plate up twice with them. This morning I had again, eggs with sausage and potatoes. This after noon I made myself a huge stir fry in coconut oil and got all my veggies in. Back to my trustee routine tomorrow.

Suffice it to say, writing my blog was out of the question, too much head information to be able to concentrate on it, too tired. I did bring my lap top for exactly that reason, but no, didn’t happen.

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