Milestones, milestones, and more milestones!

I didn’t do too bad today. I did go exercise this morning and was full of energy this. This afternoon, I got very tired, but a nap fixed that. I got a lot of errands done through the late afternoon and early evening. Now I’m here. I am going on a brief trip to an assembly for two nights and three days. It is not far from here, so not an arduous trip and the hotel has a very nice pool, so I packed my bathing suit. I swim four days a week, but haven’t in the last two weeks due to doctors orders for my healing carpal tunnel surgery hand. Waiting time’s up, this is perfect timing. I go very early and will do the same at the hotel.

This event I am attending is another milestone for me. This is a non profit that in the past I had participated in service for for years at the state/provincial level. Till the big attack in 2008/9 put me out of commission. I had served as alternate chairperson for a local district and then was voted in as Chairperson after one year of alternate. Just three months into my two year term, I got too sick to serve and left the district in a lurch. I have not attended any of these type of meetings since. This is the first. I feel well enough to go and even have a little job singing. I can’t sing to save my life, but I will be half speaking the words. Speech, I can do. I didn’t agree to it, I was thrown into it, that is what happens at this level of service. Which is why I have stayed away entirely. I am very excited to go.

I read Web MD’s description of the Wahls Protocol, yes they actually have a page for this, I was surprised to see it. It is very short and has some minor misunderstandings and one big one. It speaks of the fact that there is not enough research to support whether it works or not, that’s true and not true. However, there are a lot of walking testimonies, myself included and research is well on its way, even as we speak. That didn’t bother me. One thing did bother me and that was the assumption that Dr. Wahls’ healing could solely be coming from the e-stim and exercise portions of the Protocol. Anyone who really knows me, knows that I love exercise and always do some form of it, even at my sickest, I find a way. Exercise can’t do this healing alone. It helped my mood which assisted in keeping me out of depression and it helped me not fall as much giving me stronger muscles to catch me. But, it doesn’t do what THIS does. Lots of people get MS, that includes athletes. Dr. Terry Wahls was an athlete, Karate. Karate couldn’t stop MS from decimating her body. If the many drugs out there which do nothing for this illness were producing the results that this is, that I am experiencing right now, we’d be hearing about it in every news stream imaginable. This is a holistic method that has pleasant side effects like healthy weight loss, clear skin, brings back youth to a certain degree, packs an energy pick up wallop, and on and on.

I had a close friend who had advanced MS when I knew her from 1992 to 1996 (her death). She was young, diagnosed with Progressive MS at age 18, when I met her she was 26. Within the first year of my knowing her, she lost primary care of her three year old son and then lost her licence to drive after a car accident due to her disabilities. Before I met her, her husband left her for an employee of his. Not because he didn’t love her, they were young and her illness was just too hard for him to deal with. She was a tiny girl, very beautiful and athletic. She worked out at the gym five days a week and had better muscle tone then I did (I worked out too). Didn’t stop MS. I remember her hope when news came about the first drug ever that could slow the progression of MS and then her disappointment when she was told the drug couldn’t help her because she had Progressive MS. Dr. Swank published his results of a 34 year study that showed those that followed the diet lived a longer, normal and healthier life then those that stopped following the diet. In fact, some of Swanks original participants are well into their 80’s and 90’s today, still on the diet. Ironically, his results were published around the same time the first MS drug (Copaxone) came out to great applaud. She never heard a word about Dr. Swanks work.

This is to be continued tomorrow. I have a lot more I want to say on this subject.


Bonne Sante


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