Walking aids now in storage.

I spent the better part of the day preparing my one bedroom apartment for winter. I cleaned out my storage and bedroom closets. I then disconnected my air conditioners (portable) and rolled them into the storage closet. I rearranged furniture to where I have it when the air conditioners are not there.  I tidied up the foyer and packed away summer jackets in exchange for fall and winter items. I packed up my summer clothes and put them on the floor of my bedroom closet in a garment bag with a cedar plank in it. I then piled my walker, my cane and my AFO (Ankle-Foot Orthosis) brace. The walker I haven’t used in at least three months. The AFO for less than five months. The cane, I just weaned off two weeks ago and I am doing very well without it. Enough so, that I am confident putting it away from its customary spot in the corner next to the front door, which is where the other two were. I have relied on my cane four years, the AFO was fairly new, acquired one year ago, the walker became something that I needed more and more gradually over two and half years. Today here they sit, in my closet.

There are three remarkable events that happened today:

  • I did all of this by myself without any help and did not become fatigued, though I did take two ten minute rests.
  • I am successfully ambulating without walk aids for the first time in four years and as a result, I was free to put my walk aids away.
  • After all that activity today, I had an important event I attended for a non profit I am a member of. I helped set up chairs, still no fatigue. I was picked up for this at 6:30 pm and the event went till 9:30 pm. At this point, I was too fatigued to take care of chairs and so declined to help with the break down. I was alert, but rambled in speech towards the end of the event.

I came home and am now writing my blog. I will be tired tomorrow, no doubt. But, the only thing I have tomorrow is a one hour workout in the morning at the gym, a scheduled phone call in the afternoon and writing my blog in the evening. The hardest will be getting up at 6:20 to be ready for my ride at 7 am. I try very hard to make my exercise sessions because they are an integral part of my medicine. I will be able to nap when I get home if I need it. Even if I sleep walk through the exercises and work out at half steam, that’s okay. Chances are if I go tomorrow, I will go the next time. When I begin blowing off exercise sessions, it becomes easier to quit. I’m dedicated. And whenever I feel like complaining about it all I need do is slide the left side door of my closet open and look at my FORMER walking aids. I just can’t believe it……I can’t believe it…..Thank you…Thank you….Thank you….!

When I reach one year on the Wahls Protocol and am still ambulating well, I will then donate my aids to someone who needs them. I will be six months (whew, half way) September 27!


Bonne Sante

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