Living Proof Toronto International Film Festival Premier

Matt Embry’s Living Proof documentary premiered tonight to the public at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) scheduled at 6:45 pm Eastern time (4:45 pm Mountain time). Below is an interview with Embry at the TIFF tonight before the documentary aired. I weigh a lot of importance on this documentary because I know first hand what this man has done for MS in terms of others and himself. Matt Embry’s profession is film producer. He has made several documentary’s about others, but this is his first with his own journey with MS and his personal quest to answer the seemingly unanswerable regarding the lack of momentum for a cure for not just ms, but all autoimmune illnesses, within the medical industry and major charities and discusses what is moving in that direction. He has traveled the world to interview pockets of success for managing MS. I am anxious to see this documentary.

I’ve said it before that if it weren’t for Matt and his father Dr. Ashton Embry, I wouldn’t know that the Protocol, which is doing such wonders for me, exists. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you Matt. I know from the online forums that I frequent for support on my quest, the afflicted and their families all over the world are waiting anxiously to see Living Proof. Embry explains in the interview below that plans are in the works to distribute Living Proof world wide. I am blessed and lucky to be living in the same city as the Embry’s and have my ticket for one of the two showings at the Calgary Film Festival later this month. Click on the link below to see the interview.

Living Proof Interview


Bravo! And Bonne Sante!


Picture taken from, Toronto International Film Festival show times and to see the Trailer go here:

Go here for Calgary Film Festival show times:

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