Off to the Market we go!

What a day I had. Without my cane, I went to a huge indoor farmer’s market and flea market, then went to a large indoor antiques market. I didn’t plan any of this, it just happened. All this after working out in the morning and walking roughly 1/3 of a kilometer to second cup, where I had coffee for an hour with friends, then hit the markets at their suggestion. I haven’t been able to be impulsive like that for a long, long time. I generally need to plan everything out and keep it low key. Never could I have done it this way. In between the two markets, we sat and had lunch, then we sat in the car a half hour. At the antique market, we walked around there at least an hour and a half. My leg was very fatigued at the end of that. Sat in the car, made a pit stop at the super market, needed meat and coconut milk. I went home. Sat a half hour, then made dinner, sauteed vegetables and Italian sausage, talked with a friend for 45 minutes and now I’m writing my blog and exercising in the morning. It could be that I will have a crash tomorrow. That is possible. When I overdo things, I end up sick the next day. We’ll see how it goes.

On a completely chicken s@#t note. I don’t want to do the left carpal tunnel surgery. I’m being a child, but, I don’t wanna! I’m getting my day to day routine back in order, I am back in Ketosis, was out a while. As a result of that, I ended up with the Ketosis flu, which happens at the beginning, not pleasant. Today was the first day not feeling bad because I’ve adjusted, now I’m going to screw that all up again with the second surgery. My left wrist is not as bad as my right. My right was beyond severe. My left is moderate. “Why would a simple procedure knock you out of Ketosis?”, you ask. Because, its an invasive blow to the body. I had two days of fatigue and pain and a full week of recovery. Still recovering, won’t be completely healed for another week. But its doable now. I had the procedure ten days ago. Thanks to my friends who cut veggies for me and did dishes. But, I really couldn’t keep track of things. I have cognitive issues with organizing, and once thrown out of my routine, it leaves me a mess. I lost my momentum on the Protocol. I didn’t cheat or anything like that, I just couldn’t properly keep track of what I was taking in.

So, no carpal on the left. I see the surgeon the 22nd of this month. No carpal tunnel surgery, no carpal tunnel surgery (hold the banner up with me), no carpal tunnel surgery. I know, I’m being ridiculous, but if you have MS then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Okay, okay, maybe by the time I see the surgeon, I’ll feel stronger and just do it. UGH!


Bonne Sante


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One thought on “Off to the Market we go!

  1. That sounds like an exciting day and a lot of walking without your cane. I would say I think congratulations for all that!! Make sure you get rest after doing so much but that was great and inspiring for so many!!


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