Yes Concert!

Yes 2017 concert review with Steve Howe

This is more about my love of music than MS, but there is a word or two about that too. First off, the concert was fantastic. I have spent the older part of my life alone in my love of this band. I love rock music more like a man than a woman. I love Jeff Beck, Yes (all of it, not just Round About), Led Zeppelin, early Rush, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, Stone Temple Pilots, Foo Fighters, Alice in Chains, Deep Purple, Beck, Eric Johnson, etc. I can talk all day about music. I listen to the music first and hear the words later (if there are any). It is a source of love and a source of loneliness. Most women are not in love with this kind of music like this, I usually have no one to talk to about it, which makes me sad. I have a friend who missed the rock era, (most of the best of it was her era). She’s asked me to teach her about it. I took her to this concert tonight. She somewhat enjoyed it. And I can understand that its hard to completely enjoy a Yes concert without first learning to hear the songs. I’ve had to listen to most of the albums (especially epic albums like Close to the Edge) over and over and then the magic happens as each of the layered melodies come through. I had an early start having received the album in December 1972 at the age of 10. I listened and listened and as a result, that album is imprinted in my soul, along with most Yes music. My first concert was a Yes concert in 1977, Going for the One. I’ve since seen over 100 concerts of many bands and genres over the years.

Here is the word or two about MS. I am weaning my self off the cane and have been getting around “out there” without it. Because of equilibrium problems I teeter sometimes. I had a strange effect I’ve never had before. At the concert end, the sound of the music still ringing in my ears, I walked out of the hall with my equilibrium not just a little out of whack, but completely messed up. I buzzed with the deep bass sounds still reverberating in my chest. The lofty singing in my head. I couldn’t get my footing, I looked like I was smashed (I don’t drink). I needed assistance from my friend to walk to the car. Funny and odd.

Anyway, I am broke from the money I spent this month on my ticket for the show, $109.00. My first Yes concert was $7.00. As we slowly and quietly filed into this concert, most of us older people, I remembered fondly the first Yes show I attended. As I described it to my friend, I explained that we were a huge crowd of kids pushing against the closed doors, screaming for the doors to open to the Stadium, all yelling together, “One, two, three, four, open up the f#@kin’ door!” It was frightening, exciting, titillating and thrilling. We rushed into the concert hall to get the best seats first as that concert was general seating. My then small frame was swept up by the audience and I felt like fainting. I found my way out of the crushing crowd and got to a side balcony seat with lots of fresh air. Then the concert began with the Firebird Suite from Fantasia. Excitement building, the band came to the stage and my 13 year old mind and heart heard the most exquisite music. Yes music is a spiritual experience for me and still is at age 54.

I had the chance to speak with a few fans tonight who overheard me sharing my knowledge of Yes music and other bands with my friend. They jumped into the conversation with gusto. It was great to be able to speak the language I love the most. A wonderful night, shared with a close friend.


Bonne Sante

7 thoughts on “Yes Concert!

  1. Music is one of my outlets! Music is so powerful, especially when you actually listen t the words! You have great taste in music as well. I am glad you were able to enjoy a good concert! It is great to break away from reality and just enjoy a great show!!!


    1. It was a great show, I’m totally broke over it, but don’t regret it. I worked hard for that. Jon Anderson writes the most beautiful words, they don’t always make sense, but they are always beautiful, I’m into the rhythm of words more than their actual meaning. I like the meaning, but its secondary for me. I think most are the opposite, but I’ve always been an odd duck. Yay for odd ducks!


      1. Oh I love it though! Music helps me get through my days at work! I can tell you, I wouldn’t be able to make it through the long days without it. I am so glad you had a great time. I am sure it was so worth being broke for a little while. I have done it myself and don’t regret it at all!!!

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  2. Music affects your soul. There are few classic rock bands around these days. Glad you had a good time. Most new bands these days are rubbish. I still listen to bands like Journey and Night Ranger. No one makes music like that any more.

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    1. I saw Journey before anyone knew them. They were backing up Ted Nugent. They were better then Nugent. Nugent was an egoistical idiot that got riots started at that concert, because he was an hour late without explanation, then he only played 45 minutes. Journey was what was worth watching that night


      1. Oh wow. We miss out on a lot down here in New Zealand. Not a lot of artists make the effort since we are so small and so far away. Most are too expensive for me to go. Most big concert tickets cost $100 plus here. Most only play in Auckland which is financially out of reach for most of us.


      2. Sometimes I forget how spoiled I am in regards to access to concert venues. However, tickets are up here to. They start at $55 and go up to $300-$600, depending on who it is. Gotta love Youtube, its possible to anyone live there. Although, of course, being there is better. But, I guess Youtube is better then the days of, you didn’t see them unless you attended 🙂


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