“Its all happening.”

My carpal tunnel hand is healing nicely. I still need to wait at a least a week before taxing it with weight bearing tasks, but I can do everyday light weight things. With my hand in this condition, I have no choice but to go without my cane. Which was timely, because I have been building up my strength and rehabbing my left leg over five months now. Add to that the healing effect of the Protocol’s diet and other practices, my balance has gotten better and my leg is stronger. I have been without my cane one week. I am doing fairly well. I say fairly well, because I do teeter, meaning my equilibrium needs more work and I still catch my toe on things and trip, happened twice. Twice in one week is actually ridiculously good, I tripped all day on the cane just four months ago. So, a definite improvement. Whereas my balance has improved, I have a far way to go for that. I began balancing exercises yesterday at the gym using the bosu ball (a half ball with a flat side).

Bosu Ball

I must hang onto things to get up and do the exercises but, it is a beginning. I will incorporate more exercises as I go. Bringing my leg up when climbing stairs is still a challenge, which got better, but then declined again. Maybe because I haven’t been concentrating on it, exercise wise. That is the area of my leg that I think will benefit the most from electrical stimulation.

I will start that rehabilitation after the second wrist is done and healed. Then its a go. I have a follow up appointment with the surgeon on September 22, we will schedule the surgery that day for my left hand. After healing, I’ll set up an appointment to begin rehabilitation using the e-stim machine. That will probably happen towards the end of October. Getting there, one day at a time, one exercise at a time and one meal at a time, like Kate Hudson’s character in Almost Famous, Penny Lane said, “Its all happening.” I love that movie. Of course I love that movie, its about the 1970’s rock scene.


Bonne Sante


Picture of Penny Lane from the movie Almost Famous

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