“Blah, blah, blah, blah, blahbity, blah!”

I had a very productive day that ended in a last minute lovely dinner cooked by my son for a housewarming party with close friends who are our family. He made baked lemon pepper chicken with rice, but for my side he made steamed broccoli and cauliflower. He made the most beautiful salads with avocado slices, strawberry slices, green onion, sunflower seeds and cucumber slices on a bed of dark greens with homemade olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The productive part of the day was a good friend took me to three destinations I’ve needed to get too. With the surgery, I fell behind on these things. We had lunch and shared salads at this great restaurant called Fork and Salad in which you order as if you were at a Subway, but its all salads with good quality ingredients. Love it, wish it was in my neighborhood. What a day, I am truly blessed!

Talking, talking, talking. What’s that about? I have pressured speech or what is fondly called the MS Rant. Its part of the cognitive damage I’ve developed over the years. The difference, I think is my thinking is less tangential, and better directed. But, my incessant talking is worse. I think the problem here is that between the level III Ketosis state, which sharpens the brain and supplements like Alpha Lipoic Acid which assists in healing brains that are atrophied (like mine) and the increased energy from the diet in general along with the super boost from the Ketosis, I cannot shut up! I am praying that the need to talk constantly will get better and that I will adjust to this boost of energy (been about six weeks) and my speech will finally calm down. I may have to forego coffee for now. That will probably help, not that I drink a lot, about one and a half cups per day. But, I’m like my son’s hyper Corgi (Queen Elizabeth’s favorite dogs). The idea of Watson on coffee is just scary. That’s me right now. Yup, people who love me and are willing to listen to me drone on. I love you too. Thank you!


Bonne Sante

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