I still have a long way to go!

I have much to say. Many challenges, milestones and set backs. My hand is doing is better already, however, I will probably pay for the typing. Milestone, I went for a walk up and down a busy street with friends without my cane. What is better is my gate and my leg stamina. What is the same. I have a pronounced limp. That is what e-stim rehab will be for. And, the walk brought another factor to my attention, the fact that when between or beside people, I can barely walk a straight line, so equilibrium and depth perception still suck. I need to do balance exercises, which will help my muscles compensate for what my cognitive brain damage can’t do. And, just for today, it says, “No driving for you…..yet.”

Set back, my routine is shot to hell because of this surgery. No exercise and I’m all over the place. Example, not keeping track of important things, I needed to get my bus pass, but, I purchase it at Southland Leisure Centre (limited places to get the pass I get). S.L.C. is where I workout, not working out because of the surgery. I lost information for several important appointments. I have found the info for two of them, the other I have to wait till tomorrow to call (Holiday weekend). I forgot to set an appointment to renew my script for my hormones (last one tomorrow). I will call for that tomorrow. I will need to make a special trip tomorrow to get my bus pass.

Normally, I write everything down, it goes on my wall calendar and in my I-phone. I have been writing them down, but not transferring the info to the calendars. When I do that, I lose the written info. I worked hard to learn not to do that for this reason. I always have my bus pass one week before I’m due to have it. I forgot. I forgot about the prescription.

I had a big fatigue day the day after the surgery, because, a. my body took a hit and whether I like it or not, I still have MS and b. because of the added energy cleaning up the disorganized mess I made. So, in short, things are better, but I have a long way to go.

Okay, bad grammar or not, my wrist hurts, time to stop.


Bonne Sante

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