Que cera, que cera

This will be a short one tonight. I spent an hour updating my symptoms page for the September 1 headings. I have to do this tonight, because I am having carpal tunnel surgery tomorrow morning. I still have lots to do and want to be in bed by 10 pm. My friend is here at 7:15 am. Still need to clean Miss Kitty’s sand box, do the dishes, take care of the garbage, chop some veggies and then I think I’m good to go. Got a lot done today already. Cue Rocky music. Check out the Symptoms page, I had a lot to say.

OMG! I just made the mistake of looking at the procedure online for the first time. I was looking for a picture to use for the tonight’s blog. Saw that and was going to cancel tomorrow (a first). You know, I’ll just leave this up to the Power’s that Be and whatever, que cera, cera, what ever will be will be. And I am not putting those pictures up! I’ll put a nice serene one instead.


Bonne Sante

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