I am not feeling prepared for this surgery coming up. I haven’t been able to get myself to get things done. Not that I haven’t had the chance, I think I’m feeling that it is more than I feel that I can deal with. This diet is so very complicated and I will be minus my right hand for mostly two weeks in terms of chopping and opening covers and other things, I’m sure more things I miss my right hand for will dawn on me as I discover them. In the mean time, I need to spend tomorrow, pre-chopping vegetables and bagging them. I will go to the grocery store again, but have to wait till next week or this weekend if I am faring well. I need to do my laundry tomorrow and I am exercising my full routine tomorrow morning. Tonight is a meeting I need to to go to at 7 pm. I burst a blood vessel in my eye straining with cheap glasses. I broke my prescription glasses in half when I dropped them on the floor a month ago. Had to wait till September to have it covered. All this month, I’ve been dealing with these glasses. Which, honestly, I’ve been grateful for, they’re better than reading glasses, these are three way. But, not strong enough and of course not my specific prescription. My eyes are hurting.

Let’s see, operation Thursday, preparation and exercise tomorrow, eye glasses, next week (Monday I’m thinking), groceries? Whenever. I feel the chances of disciplining myself with Wahls Protocol level III are nil. However, I’m asking my Higher Power for guidance and help. So, I am sure the way will be provided and it will all fall into place. That’s where I am at today!


Bonne Sante


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