Look! A blank slate, write on it!

Spiritually and Academically:

My blog is my blank slate and I write something everyday, some days are better than others. The blank slate is also symbolic of the power of thought, determination and drive to create my own future that is not dictated by the frequently wrong status quo. It begins with a thought and writing it down makes it tangible. I went over last night’s blog and fixed as many of the grammar mistakes that I could. I hope the Grammar Police will forgive me and allow me a little slack. As stated above, I write every single day (not an excuse), however, I must go over what I wrote at least ten times and some days I am too tired to continue corrections and I publish. That was pretty bad last night, though. Don’t worry, I wince at them too.


My brain is driving me crazy. I’m happy, that’s for sure, but the awakening, if you will is leaving me wanting to say every single thing that comes into my mind. Its like having been in a dark, dank cave for nine years and then, a step out into the sun, next to the ocean, with the wind on my face and all the smells. This is no exaggeration. I’m thinking faster and talking a mile a minute. It is overwhelming and my brain hurts, like finger nails on a chalk board. Reason being, I am not used to it and have no balance on this. I will, no doubt, adjust. In the mean time. I called three people back to apologize for my over exuberance and chattiness.  Of course they weren’t offended and are very happy for me, but they too have noticed this problem, but they agree with me that it will settle eventually. Its a little embarrassing. Oh, well, moving on.


I thought I might be kicked out of Ketosis today, but no, still showing ketones in the medium range. Good for me! I exercised this morning and noticed as I walked around the building without my cane, an increase in my confidence, balance and I felt surefooted. While it is not yet time to venture out for a walk on city streets with the cane, I will be tested very soon. My first of two carpal tunnel surgeries is this Thursday (yikes!). It will be right hand, which is the one I hold the cane with. I won’t be able to use my cane for at least two weeks. So, lets see how that goes. And, typing is going to suck! I will be left with only the fingers of my left hand, awkward and made worse because I am a right-y. These blogs will be short for a while and will feature helpful media clips about relevant topics.

Write a new future on your slate!

Bonne Sante


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