What a busy day this was! I turn five months on the Wahls Protocol tomorrow, Woot! I have had a lot of feedback from a lot of people about my walking, my posture, and my weight in the last couple of days. Financially, this journey has been a struggle. I have limited means at present and so the learning curve for me is that much more complicated. Obviously, despite a limited income, this is still possible, because I’m doing it. However, it requires more diligence, creative thinking and a lot more thought. As I learn the many components of this lifestyle, I then have to figure out what I can pay for and if there are other ways to get parts of this covered. For example, I need to search high and low for the best prices online, in my grocery store and at the Natural Market while managing to go as high quality as I can. I don’t drive, so running from place to place is out.  I ran out of money for my end of month food shopping because of supplements I splurged on too soon for the budget I must work within. Solution, cut back on some of the supplements and shop partially organic and buy half my meat at the natural market and half at the supermarket. I needed to ration out the foods that will keep me balanced and in Ketosis. I have been taken care of along the way, in other words, what I need always shows up right on time from somewhere, however, that doesn’t work without doing everything I can.

When is it a good time to take a break and be rewarded. I’ve let go of luxuries such as outings, personal shopping, beauty treatments like nails and hair to be able to do this. My money came, strangely, early. It came today, instead of Monday and just in time for me to get what I need to stay in Ketosis. To celebrate, figuring I was out of Ketosis for this day anyway, I was going to have a burger with a gluten free bun at “Flippin’ Burgers. I discovered when ordering that they now have lettuce wrapped burgers. That’s what I opted for (can’t have gluten free flour on level III because it’ll kick me out of Ketosis). That’s what I mean by what I need comes, despite me sometimes. Then I went grocery shopping. Two hundred dollars spent to get caught up on everything I must have in order for this level to work. I have an extra $100 dollars coming in this month. I spent the last four days, rearranging my foods and supplements to bring down the cost, which I did successfully. I bought my produce according to the “Dirty 12” list and the “Clean 15” list that I included links to in the blog yesterday. Today, after all my hard work, I was getting that stressed feeling about the amount of effort and sacrifice I’ve put into this. What always keeps me going is to remember how “friggin’ (as my Dad would’ve said it) good I feel and how far I’ve come. Then I realized something very important this morning.

It is also very important to reward yourself too, not with what will hurt you, but something special. After five months of hard work, I am giving my self the gift of Yes music live. Listening to Yes music is a spiritual experience for me. A band I’ve loved since 1972. I bought my ticket this morning, $109.00 and I am going September 8th. I earned this and I feel good about my purchase. Does this mean that I should do this more often? No, because the lifestyle I am working into my life has its own rewards that include, better mobility, no sickness, no fatigue, swimming well, walking better, quicker thinking, increased social involvement and purpose. Once in a great while after working hard, its good to reward. My cue is the feeling of letting my guard down and letting go of my vigilance, then its better to react this way, then to let go of any hard won practices. As a result, I am on track without a resentment. I deserve this.

This is the tour…


…without Carl Palmer on the Canadian dates. Would’ve been nice to see him.




Photo of artist Roger Dean’s iconic logo for Yes:

If your not familiar with the band and would like to know more, you can click on the web address above.

Note: There are currently two Yes Tours running. Yes has had many members over its 47 years, this one features famed guitarist Steve Howe, inducted twice into the HOF, once recognized for his contributions as a guitarist and once as a member of Yes and long time drummer Alan White, steadily with Yes since 1972. The other Yes Tour titled ARW features founding member and “The voice of Yes”, singer Jon Anderson, 1980’s guitarist Trevor Rabin and second, but iconic, keyboardist Rick Wakeman. You can learn more about this tour here:


Bonne Sante

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