I went to a celebration of milestones tonight for people who have turned their lives around in every way. It is always inspiring and always leaves me feeling very grateful. I am a work in progress as I confront and cast out the mental twists that can stop me on my path. My demons are my own rationalizing. All the information is there to recover enough from this illness to have a better life and I am working at it as best I can everyday. It is like chipping away at a stone to create a sculpture. It will take time, focus, dedication, commitment, faith and a lot of work.

My set back this month was my budget. I have been incorporating the supplements in a little at a time. I’m up to almost all the supplements suggested and it is the financial straw that broke the camels back. I have to continually juggle. I made decisions in the beginning to help make this financially feasible. I stopped getting fake nails, I stopped getting haircuts, I stopped most outings to restaurants, I do eat out once or twice a month, I stopped daily lattes at Second Cup, I might buy one when socializing with friends. This month I ran out of money one week before more comes in.

I replenished the greens and bought meat with the last $20.00 I had, but didn’t have enough for the fats I need to stay in Ketosis. So, I am rationing till Monday comes and I go to the grocery to buy more, “medicine”. I will be surprised if I stay in Ketosis, we’ll see how this goes. Today, I had a big salad (no olive oil, only balsamic), I blanched salmon and made salmon salad with Veganaise. Dinner tonight was a plate of stir fried veggies with 2 tbsp’s coconut oils and 1 tbsp Ghee. I’m out of coconut milk. Short 2.5 tbsp’s coconut fat in today’s meals. Coconut fat has the triglycerides needed to make it possible to eat a lot of fruits and veggies and still stay in Ketosis. Even if I’m kicked out, I will get right back in line Monday. But, how to not let this happen again. I must accept that somethings will have to be cut back or purchased in cheaper ways.

For example, Magnesium Glycinate is $40 for a one month supply. I can compensate with the foods I eat. I am on track, the foods with the most magnesium are, leafy greens especially spinach, almonds, dark chocolate, avocados, pumpkin seeds, figs…this is an excellent article about Magnesium:

I will need to buy less grass fed whole meats. For example, sulphite free bacon is $15.00 a package. I’ll need to find a bacon that is most healthy, IE. no sugar, no gluten, the least amount of preservatives I can find, so on. All my food will need to be reconsidered. Whals says, if you can’t afford to do everything organic at least avoid the “Dirty Dozen”. This is a link to that list:  dirty dozen and this is the clean 15: clean fifteen

I’d like to continue this, but you get the idea. Its late and I am ready to sleep. That’s the other thing, I’m full of energy during waking hours and I’m sleeping well at night, go figure.

Bonne Sante

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