May the force be with you

“Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.”

– Yoda

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

– Yoda


I have a universal belief system. I believe that what you think, you become. I think of it as a law of the universe, a science law, akin to the law of gravity. To hate anyone, is to be filled with hate. It is not your fault when something is terribly abusive and against your will or if one is naively hurt when unprotected as a child. What becomes my fault is to relive it over and over again long after it is over, till it consumes my every waking moment. That is a definition of the word resentment. These days, now that I understand what my true enemy is, resentment, I will not give myself the luxury, if you can call it that, of resentment or even justified anger which can also cause soul rot. I’ll clarify, I have thoughts, moments, but I get rid of it as soon as I can, by talking, by praying, by getting to the bottom of things if that is necessary. Nothing is worth the loss of my sense of peace. The truth is in the fall out, either way. Negativity attracts negativity, “misery loves company” right? With the constant, “not good enough”, “not smart enough”, “not worthy enough”, etc. I invariably become what I am thinking, I won’t go after better for myself, because it is a big ego to think that I can attain that, or who do I think I am? I see myself as alone, I’ll be alone, I see my self as sick, I’ll stay sick, I see my self as poor, I’ll stay poor. On the other hand, positive attracts positive. I feel love for everyone, not always like, that’s a different thing, you can love, but not like. Very rare if I do meet a person I don’t like these days, but I try very hard to love everyone I meet, to smile, to give a complement. I want to be the person that people are happy to see, because that person has that genuine ease and warmth about them that makes you content and gets you smiling. We’ve all known people like this. That’s my goal everyday. I want to be that person.

Today, I exercised. They unlock the gate to the pool area at 7:30 am. We wait at the gate because the deep water aerobics class begins at the same time. I just began swimming in the other pool on my own and when I am there, just twice now, I swam without the flotation belt. I am an avid swimmer, I’ve spent most of my life with a love of swimming. Most mother’s favorite picture is of the baby taking its first steps, my mother, it was the first time I put my head underwater. She filmed it, I was three. I haven’t been able to swim laps in eight years at least. I have been taking deep water aerobics for three years now. I upped my schedule from two days a week to four days a week after starting the Wahls Protocol. A woman who always swims in the other pool, not the class, said to me this morning, referring to my swimming without the belt, “It must be amazing to swim like you do, your swimming is so strong and to have all that stamina.” I’ll remind you, five months ago, I couldn’t stand at the sink for longer than five minutes without the need to sit down. I could barely climb two ladder rungs out of the pool where the aerobics I take are. The other pool has around eight steps above the water to climb out. And I am doing it deftly.

I heard recently that when you put a consistent idea out to the universe that the universe will get out of your way like water. I’ve been approved for an electrical stimulation device and starter rehab for it. I’ve spoken to a couple physical therapy places, neither of which gave me much confidence of their knowledge of e-stim and neurological damage. Today, I had my ride home from the gym via Access Calgary, I still need this service, because my leg still fatigues after working it, I mostly use Access for the gym. On the way home, they stopped to pick someone up. The place we stopped at was titled, “Spinal Injury and Neurological Rehabilitation”. I was excited, the driver said it was new and she said, “We have to wait 20 minutes because we’re early, you can go in and talk to them.” That never happens, they’re usually on schedule. I learned that they accept my disability insurance with a work order, no problem, I’m approved. And, when I mentioned e-stim, I didn’t have to explain, she added, that’s what we do here. I took a business card and noticed a card with a nutritionist. I asked her, “Have you heard of the Wahls Protocol?” She said, “Yes, our nutritionist uses that.” That’s what this place has, rehabilitation specialists and a nutritionist on board. They should be sending everyone with MS to this place.

Wouldn’t it be something if after diagnosis, they send you to the nutritionist to help you get started on the new regime, they pay for classes to teach and reinforce the same. They give you the book you’ll need to follow, if you’re impoverished, they give you assistance to buy the healthy supplements and foods you need, they get you started with neurological rehabilitation sessions on a regular basis. Without the thousands spent on the drug that does nothing for you, they could spend those thousands on this instead, which actually helps people get their lives back. So, if all of us who are healing this way think this, it will manafest!

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

– Thomas Edison

“For every drug that benefits a patient, there is a natural substance that can achieve the same effect.”

– Dr. Carl C. Pfeiffer


Bonne Sante

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