Buzz, Buzz, Buzz

I am getting to my blog late tonight. Just got home, I have been buzzing along all day. Meaning, I was here most of the day, getting things done, housework, laundry, beading, cleaning. Tonight I went out for a couple hours. One theme happened throughout, whether I was alone, here, there, on the phone, making jewelry (by myself), at a meeting with a lot of other people, one on one with a driver in their car, the one constant, was I was talking non-stop. Its my brain moving faster then I am accustomed to it yet and I just can’t shut up. The later the day gets the more energetic I am. See this is the way it was:

Firstly, I have always been a talker and with MS, I have issues with tangential speech, after a while with that, I learned to mostly not talk anymore in situations I wasn’t very familiar with, because a lot of what was coming out of my mouth, was “everything” people didn’t necessarily have to know and my speech was rapid. One MS expert I was tested by told me that the non-medical term for it was, the MS Rant. However, with this awakening clarity with my thought process, I have been talking again. Although, now its hard to control, because of all the energy I am not accustomed to…..yet. I need to remember that this is an adjustment time, I’m guessing this will calm down after a while. That is a good question for the Wahls Ketosis Facebook Page.

Secondly, before the Wahls Protocol, I had no energy, especially at night. I was in bed at 8 am. I learned to wake early and shut down after 5 pm. No phone calls, no night events scheduled unless it was absolutely necessary that I go. If I did need to take a phone call late, my thinking was muddled and I wouldn’t remember half the conversation.

I am not completely healed here. I still forget half the conversations I have with people, both of what I say and of what they say. What is different, is with one word, the whole conversation comes flooding back. But, sometimes, I do still need a jog to remember. Back to all this energy, now I am full of energy in the morning, mid morning, noon, mid afternoon I need a 30 minute snooze, can’t keep my eyes open, evening lots of energy and building, night (this moment) I am all lit up with energy and do not know what to do with it all.

What I am going to do right now, is find something calming, like soothing music, sage, gentle activity of some kind. And then I should be able to sleep by 10:30. Exercise tomorrow morning.


Bonne Sante

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