Over confident means not careful

I had a great workout this morning in the water followed by a soak in the hot tub. I got into an impassioned conversation with someone about her son who was just diagnosed with MS. You can guess where I went with that conversation. It was a hot tub, so, in other words…hot. She ended the conversation to get out because she was overheating, I’m the one with heat sensitivity. I was fine…..then. I got my gym bag, walked to the shower room and took a hot shower, fine…..then, it hit. Overheated sick, weak. Everything was an effort. I did manage to get dressed and make it out to the open aired concession area and front foyer, with two sit breaks on the way. I thought, I’ll rest and cool off then I should be good to go for the second workout in the weight room. I rested 45 minutes. I went upstairs and did notice that I was off balance. I stretched and worked out about 25 minutes. My legs were lead. I finally quit and dragged myself outside and sat in the sun and waited for my ride. Heat, man. On the whole, I am better, my tolerance is higher and in some cases my recovery is faster, but not today. I way over did it in the tub, cocky and overconfident. I needed that experience to remind me that this is still an issue, better, but still here. The wise thing to do would’ve been to take a final dip in the pool to completely cool off, then take a shower.

Live and learn or in my case, learn to live. Does that work? Not sure, at any rate that was probably corny. This is my signal to get to bed, up early this morning, up early tomorrow. Need to get a good healing sleep inbetween.

Bonne Sante


Picture by Pexels: https://www.pexels.com/photo/dawn-eruption-fog-foggy-261123/

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